Step 2: Develop the procedures for organization and storage of data

Develop or adapt procedures and processes already in place for your program for organizing Indicators data. These procedures and processes should include information about:

It would be ideal to have written procedures and processes so that if someone else has to assume responsibility for the data in the future, there will be continuity in how things are done.

If you are using paper logs and forms for your data collection, recording, and storage, then you will need to have procedures in place that pertain specifically to how the paper will be handled, stored, and protected. You will need to answer questions such as, do copies of the data need to be made, do the data have to be stored in a locked cabinet, and who will have access to the data.

If you are using spreadsheets or databases, there may already be written procedures or processes in place that you can use or adapt to your program’s needs for managing the Indicators data. For electronic data, you need to ensure that you have procedures regarding who has access to the data, and how to store and protect the data in addition to how to back-up the data.