This activity is designed to reinforce your understanding of the Indicators by requiring you to identify true and false statements about the Indicators.

Indicators Are answers:
2: Indicators are a common set of measures for reporting annual progress.
3: Indicators data can be used to improve your program by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
4: Indicators are the primary process evaluation data source for DASH funded SEA, TEA, TG, and LEA programs.
6: Indicators can be used to assign staff duties by aligning position descriptions with activities described in the Indicators.
9: Indicators can be used to compare your program description to actual accomplishments.

Indicators Are Not answers:
1: Indicators are designed to cover all your DASH-funded activities.
5: Indicators are the only source of program assessment you will need.
7: Indicators require you to do more of each activity in subsequent years.
8: Indicators list out all the activities that your program must complete.