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Division of Adolescent and School Health — Indicators for School Health Programs Tutorial
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Definitions & Background

Purpose & Uses of the Indicators

We have seen that the data gathered through process evaluation (e.g., the Indicators or other performance measures) can help you identify strengths and weaknesses and understand why expected outputs were or were not achieved.

Let's take a look at some other uses of the Indicators:

This image has two parts. The first part states CDC DASH uses Indicators to: Create a common set of measures that can be collected by funded partners and used to generate standard reports on their progress; Identify implications or recommendations for future programs from public reports; Generate the data necessary to advocate for future expansion of school health programs with CDC leadership; Showcase significant and unique program achievements. The second part states SEA, TEA, TG, and LEA grantees working in HIV prevention, CSHP, and AM can use the Indicators to: Compare the program description (expected program outputs) to actual accomplishments, identify gaps, and generate recommendations to improve the program by expanding or refocusing activities; Facilitate future program planning and improvement by examining results from the Indicator data; Assign staff duties by aligning position descriptions with activities described in the Indicators; Prepare reports and presentation to inform and update program staff, partners, participants, and community members of the progress achieved; Incorporate the data into communication and marketing strategies for leveraging resources and promoting your program to partners, collaborators, other community agencies, funders, and potential donors; and Seek financial support for additional resources or staffing, in order to improve program efficiency or expand the program’s scope.

Important! The DASH Indicators are NOT intended to:
(click the "explain" button after each statement)

List Item Constitute the only source of program assessment Explain
List Item Constitute a list of activities that you must perform Explain
List Item Require a large new data collection system Explain
List Item Publicize the message that more of every activity is better Explain


More Information:
Indicators FAQ document [pdf200K]


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