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Nutrition, Physical Activity, & Obesity
Journal Articles


Factors Associated with Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake among United States High School Students
Park S, Blanck HM, Sherry B, Brener N, O’Toole T
Journal of Nutrition January 5, 2012 [Epub ahead of print]

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among High School Students—United States, 2010
MMWR 2011;60;46:1583–1586

Beverage Consumption Among High School StudentsUnited States, 2010
MMWR 2011;60(23):778–780

Availability of Less Nutritious Snack Foods and Beverages in Secondary Schools—Selected States, 2002–2008
MMWR 2009;58(39):1102–1104

Nutrition Services and Foods and Beverages Available At School: Results from the School Health Policies and Programs Study 2006 [pdf 223K]
O’Toole TP, Anderson S, Miller C, Guthrie J
Journal of School Health 2007;77(8):500–521

School-Based Research and Initiatives: Fruit and Vegetable Environment, Policy, and Pricing Workshop Abstract
French SA, Wechsler H
Preventive Medicine 2004;39(Suppl 2):S101–S107

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Physical Activity & Physical Education

Trends by Age in Youth Physical Activity: Youth Media Campaign Longitudinal Study Abstract
Wall MI, Carlson SA, Stein AD, Lee SM, Fulton JE
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 2011;Epub ahead of print

Physical Activity Levels of High School Students─United States, 2010 [pdf 1.5M]
Fulton JE, Carroll DD, Galuska DA, Lee SM, Eaton DK, Brener ND, et al.
MMWR 2011;60(23):773–802

The Association Between School-based Physical Activity, Including Physical Education, and Academic Performance: A Systematic Review of the Literature Abstract
Rasberry CN, Lee SM, Robin L, Laris BA, Russell LA, Coyle KK, et al.
Preventive Medicine 2011;52(Suppl 1):S10–S20

Correlates of Children and Parents Being Physically Active Together Abstract
Lee SM, Strouse D, Nihiser A, Michael S, Das B, Huhman M 
Journal of Physical Activity and Health 2010;7(6):776–783

National Study of Changes in Community Access to School Physical Activity Facilities: The School Health Policies and Programs Study Abstract
Evenson KR, Wen F, Lee SM, Heinrich KM, Eyler A
Journal of Physical Activity and Health 2010; Suppl 1:S20–30

Influence of Limit-Setting and Participation in Physical Activity on Youth Screen Time Abstract
Carlson SA, Fulton JE, Lee SM, Foley JT, Heitzler C, Huhman M
Pediatrics 2010;126(1):e89–e96

Healthy People 2010 Objectives for Physical Activity, Physical Education, and Television Viewing Among Adolescents: National Trends from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 1999–2007 Abstract
Lowry R, Lee SM, Fulton J, Kann L
Journal of Physical Activity and Health 2009;6(Suppl 1):S36–S45

Physical Education and Academic Achievement in Elementary School: Data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Abstract
Carlson SA, Fulton JE, Lee SM, Maynard M, Brown DR, Kohl HW, Dietz WH
American Journal of Public Health 2008;98(4):1–7

Initial Outcomes of the VERB™ Campaign: Tweens’ Awareness and Understanding of Campaign Messages Abstract
Huhman M, Bauman A, Bowles HR
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2008;34(6S):S241–S248

Physical Education and Physical Activity: Results from the School Health Policies and Programs Study 2006 [pdf 268K]
Lee SM, Burgeson CR, Fulton JE, Spain CG
Journal of School Health 2007;77(8):435–463

Physical Activity, Sport Participation, and Suicidal Behavior: U.S. High School Students Abstract
Brown DR, Galuska DA, Zhang J, Eaton DK, Fulton JE, Lowry R, Maynard LM 
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 2007;39(12):2248–2257

National Prevalence and Correlates of Walking and Bicycling to School Abstract
Martin S, Lee SM, Lowry, R
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2007;33(2):98–105

Physical Activity-Related Injury and Body Mass Index Among US High School Students Abstract
Lowry R, Lee SM, Galuska DA, Fulton JE, Barrios LC, Kann L
Journal of Physical Activity and Health 2007;4(3):325–342

Effects of A Mass Media Campaign to Increase Physical Activity Among Children: Year-1 Results of the VERB Campaign Abstract
Huhman M, Potter LD, Wong FL, Banspach SW, Duke JC, Heitzler CD
Pediatrics 2005;116:277–284

The Relationship Between Qualified Personnel and Self-Reported Implementation of Recommended Physical Education Practices and Programs in U.S. Schools Abstract
Davis KS, Burgeson CR, Brener ND, McManus T, Wechsler H
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 2005;76(2):202–211

Participation in High School Physical Education—United States, 1991–2003
MMWR 2004;53:844–847

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Overweight & Obesity

The Identification of Children with Adverse Risk Factor Levels by Body Mass Index Cutoffs from 2 Classification Systems: the Bogalusa Heart Study Abstract
Freedman DS, Fulton JE, Dietz WH, Pan L, Nihiser AJ, Srinivasan SR, et al.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2010;92(6):1–8

Long-Term Health and Economic Impact of Preventing and Reducing Overweight and Obesity in Adolescence Abstract
Wang LY, Denniston M, Lee S, Galuska D, Lowry R
Journal of Adolescent Health 2010;46(5):467–473

Trends in Perceived Overweight Status Among Overweight and Nonoverweight Adolescents Abstract
Foti K, Lowry R
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 2010;164:636–642

Mediators of Maternal Depression and Family Structure on Child BMI: Parenting Quality and Risk Factors for Child Overweight Abstract
McConley RL, Mrug S, Gilliland MJ, Lowry R, Elliott MN, Schuster MA, et al.
Obesity 2011;19(2):345–352

Associations of Trying to Lose Weight, Weight Control Behaviors, and Current Cigarette Use Among U.S. High School Students Abstract
Johnson J, Eaton DK, Pederson LL, Lowry, R
Journal of School Health 2009;79(8):355–360

Weight Management and Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among US High School Students Abstract
Lowry R, Lee SM, McKenna M, Galuska D, Kann L
Journal of School Health 2008;78(8):417–424

The Association Between Body Mass Index in Adolescence and Obesity in Adulthood Abstract
Wang LY, Chyen D, Lee SM, Lowry R
Journal of Adolescent Health 2008;42(5):512–518

Body Mass Index Measurement in Schools
Nihiser AJ, Lee SM, Wechsler H, McKenna M, Odom E, Reinold C, et al
Journal of School Health 2007;77(10):651–671

Prevention and Control of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke―Nomenclature for Prevention Approaches in Public Health: A Statement for Public Health Practice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Mensah GA, Dietz WH, Harris VB, Henson R, Labarthe DR, Vinicor F, et al.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2005;29(5 Suppl 1):152–157

Weight Management Goals and Use of Exercise for Weight Control Among U.S. High School Students, 1991–2001 Abstract
Lowry R, Galuska DA, Fulton JE, Burgeson CR, Kann L
Journal of Adolescent Health 2005;36(4):320–326

Associations of Body Mass Index and Perceived Weight with Suicide Ideation and Suicide Attempts Among US High School Students Abstract
Eaton DK, Lowry R, Brener ND, Galuska DA, Crosby AE 
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 2005;159(6):513–519

The Association Between Weight Perception and BMI Among High School Students Abstract
Brener ND, Eaton DK, Lowry R, McManus R
Obesity Research 2004;12(11):1866–1874

The Role of Schools in Preventing Childhood Obesity [pdf 627K]
Wechsler H, McKenna M, Lee SM, Dietz W
State Education Standard 2004;Dec:4–12

Relationship Between Asthma, Overweight, and Physical Activity Among U.S. High School Students Abstract
Everett Jones S, Merkle SL, Fulton JE, Wheeler LS, Mannino DM
Journal of Community Health 2006;31(6):469–478

Enabling the Nation’s Schools to Help Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, COPD, Diabetes, and Other Serious Health Problems Abstract
Kolbe L, Kann L, Patterson B, Wechsler H, Osorio J, Collins J
Public Health Reports 2004;119(3):286–302

Economic Analysis of a School-Based Obesity Prevention Program Abstract
Wang LY, Yang Q, Lowry R, Wechsler H
Obesity Research 2003;11(11):1313–1324

Reliability and Validity of Self-Reported Height and Weight Among High School Students Abstract
Brener ND, McManus T, Galuska DA, Lowry R, Wechsler H
Journal of Adolescent Health

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Results of Evaluability Assessments of Local Wellness Policies in 6 US School Districts Abstract
Pitt Barnes S, Robin L, O’Toole TP, Dawkins N, Kettel Khan L, Leviton LC
Journal of School Health 2011;81(8):502–511

Establishing a Baseline Measure of School Wellness-Related Policies Implemented in a Nationally Representative Sample of School Districts Abstract
Brener ND, Chriqui JF, O’Toole TP, Schwartz MB, McManus T
Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2011;111(6):894–901

Development of a School Nutrition-Environment State Policy Classification System (SNESPCS) Abstract
Masse LC, Frosh MM, Chriqui JF, Yaroch AL, Agurs-Collins T, Blanck HM, et al.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2007;33(4 Suppl):S277–S291

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