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Epi Info/ENA Software

Providing valid and relevant data in humanitarian emergencies is critical to planning appropriate interventions and ultimately saving lives.

Nutrition and mortality surveys are major tools for obtaining objective and valid epidemiological data.

The purpose of Epi Info/ ENA software is to make analysis of nutrition and mortality data collected in field surveys as easy and reliable as possible.

This user-friendly software will allow for:

  • better survey design and planning,
  • easier and more reliable data entry,
  • standardized and technically correct analysis, and
  • valid and useful outputs for public health decision making.

By combining Epi Info and ENA for SMART, we have created one software package that allows you to:

  • program data entry forms,
  • generate anthropometric scores using both WHO and NCHS growth standards,
  • produce automated analyses of key mortality and nutrition indicators,
  • conduct automated plausibility and data quality checks, and
  • generate reports that include results of these automated analyses.


  1. Download and install the latest version of Epi Info.
  2. Follow installation instructions from the website.
  3. Make sure to install Epi Info in default location, C:\Epi_Info
  4. Download and save the following 2 files (updated August 19, 2011):

Run each file to install programs that analyze anthropometry and mortality data. When you install these 2 programs 2 new shortcuts will be created on your desktop and 2 new folders (ena and mortality) will appear in C:\Epi_Info folder. Click on the shortcuts on your desktop to start using the programs.