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ERRB Scientific Publications: Nutrition

Related Publications

  • Woodruff BA, Duffield A. Anthropometric assessment of nutritional status in adolescent populations in humanitarian emergencies. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Nov 2002;56(11):1108-1118.
  • Bhatia R, Toole M. Nutritional problems among refugee populations. Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress, World Federation of Public Health Associations, November 10-14, 1991, Atlanta, Georgia. Washington, DC: World Federation of Public Health Associations; 1990:90-92.
  • Hassan K, Sullivan KM, Yip R, et al. Factors associated with anemia in refugee children. Journal of Nutrition. Nov 1997;127(11):2194-2198.
  • Dowell SF, Toko A, Sita C, et al. Health and nutrition in centers for unaccompanied refugee children. Experience from the 1994 Rwandan refugee crisis. JAMA. 1995;273(22):1802-1806.
  • Toole MJ, Nieburg P, Waldman RJ. The association between inadequate rations, undernutrition prevalence, and mortality in refugee camps: case studies of refugee populations in eastern Thailand, 1979-1980, and eastern Sudan, 1984-1985. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics. Oct 1988;34(5):218-224.
  • CDC. Famine-affected, refugee and displaced populations: recommendations for public health issues. MMWR Recommendation and Report. 1992;41(RR-13).
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