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Genomics & Health Impact Update

Volume 32  Number 13  April 3-10, 2014About the Update

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Reports and Publications

Ethics, Policy & Law

Guidelines & Recommendations

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National working group meeting on ALK diagnostics in lung cancer
Cooper W, et al. Asia Pac J Clin Oncol 2014 Apr;10 Suppl 2:11-7

Reproductive Health

Reviews, News & Commentaries

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Next steps for citizen science
Rick Bonney et al. Science March 28, 2014

Supersize me: how whole-genome sequencing and big data are transforming epidemiology
Rowland R. Kao et al. PLOS Microbiology, March 2014

101 questions with a bioinformatician, ACGT Blog post, Apr 2

Epigenomics starts to make its mark, Nature News, Apr 2

Clinical genomics transcends sequencing, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Apr 1

Is complex disease risk predictable, or even parseable? Problems without solutions? By Anne Buchanan, Mermaid Tale Blog, Apr 1

April is National Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month, Immune Deficiency Foundation, Mar 31

8 realities of the sequencing GWAS, by Dan Koboldt, MassGenomics, Mar 31

Bridging the gap from panels to whole genome sequencing, by Dr Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, Mar 28

How to decode a genome in just a single day, by Neal Ungerleider, Fastcompany, Mar 28

Bioinformatics infrastructure got you down? Head to the cloud, rent a supercomputer! By Feffrey M. Perkel, Biocompare, Mar 27

Could a DNA test predict obesity risk in children? NHS News, Mar 27

PCORI announces expert panel on rare disease, by Bryan Luce, PCORI, Mar 25

Whole-genome sequencing in your doctor's office? A reality check, but sooner than later, by Tabitha M. Powledge, Genetic Literacy Project, Mar 25

Genome-scale sequence analysis - Tyra Wolfsberg, GenomeTV, March 2014

Tools and Databases

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Did you know? The NIH Genetic Testing Registry now has information on 9,000 conditions, 15,000 tests and  75,000 variants

Did you know? The HuGE Navigator now has more than 90000 publications that can be searched for gene-disease associations, genomewide association studies and gene-environment interactions

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CDC-Authored Genomics Publications

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CDC authors are indicated in bold

Phenylketonuria Scientific Review Conference: State of the science and future research needs.
Camp KM, Parisi MA, ..., Rasmussen SA, et al. Mol Genet Metab. 2014 Mar 6. pii: S1096-7192(14)00085-7.

Recombinant viruses initiated the early HIV-1 epidemic in Burkina Faso
Fonjungo PN, Kalish ML, Schaefer A, Rayfield M, Mika J, Rose LE, Heslop O, Soudre R, Pieniazek D. PLoS One. 2014 ;9(3):e92423.

Prothrombin G20210A mutation is associated with young-onset stroke: the Genetics of Early-Onset Stroke Study and Meta-Analysis
Jiang B, Ryan KA, Hamedani A, Cheng Y, Sparks MJ, Koontz D, Bean CJ, Gallagher M, Hooper WC, McArdle PF, O'Connell JR, Stine OC, Wozniak MA, Stern BJ, Mitchell BD, Kittner SJ, Cole JW. Stroke. 2014 Mar 11.

Characterization of reverse genetics-derived cold-adapted master donor virus A/Leningrad/134/17/57 (H2N2) and reassortants with H5N1 surface genes in a mouse model
Isakova-Sivak I, Chen LM, Bourgeois M, Matsuoka Y, Voeten JT, Heldens JG, van den Bosch H, Klimov A, Rudenko L, Cox NJ, Donis RO. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2014 Mar 19.

Full-Genome Sequence of a Rare Human G3P[9] Rotavirus Strain.
Mijatovic-Rustempasic S, Roy S, Sturgeon M, Rungsrisuriyachai K, Esona MD, Degroat D, Qin X, Cortese MM, Bowen MD. Genome Announc. 2014 Mar 27;2(2). pii: e00143-14.

High prevalence and two dominant host-specific genotypes of Coxiella burnetii in U.S. milk
Pearson T, Hornstra HM, Hilsabeck R, Gates LT, Olivas SM, Birdsell DM, Hall CM, German S, Cook JM, Seymour ML, Priestley RA, Kondas AV, Clark Friedman CL, Price EP, Schupp JM, Liu CM, Price LB, Massung RF, Kersh GJ, Keim P. BMC Microbiol. 2014 ;14(1):41.

Molecular epidemiology of silent introduction and sustained transmission of wild poliovirus type 1, Israel, 2013
Shulman L, Gavrilin E, Jorba J, Martin J, Burns C, Manor Y, Moran-Gilad J, Sofer D, Hindiyeh M, Gamzu R, Mendelson E, Grotto I. Euro Surveill. 2014 ;19(7).

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About the Genomics & Health Impact Update

The Update includes genomics and health impact news and publications, CDC announcements, reports, blogs, podcasts, and other products. The Update features genomic tests, family history, programs and practice, policy and legislation and public health science.  To receive the update electronically every week sign-up here.


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The CDC Office of Public Health Genomics makes available the above information as a public service only. The items in the update come from news articles and scientific articles and abstracts published during the past week. The headlines and lead sentences are exactly as they appear & do not necessarily reflect the opinions, recommendations, or endorsement by the CDC.  Note that some links may become invalid over time.


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