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Genomics & Health Impact Update

Published by the Office of Public Health Genomics (OPHG), the Update offers links to genomics news and publications relevant to public health. The Update highlights family health history and genomic tests, along with relevant data, policy, and legislation. Please send your comments to:

Thursday, November 3, 2011       Volume 27   Number 18


Cake- One base pair at a time





New Blog post "Can We Have Our Genome And Eat It Too? Deploying The Whole Genome Sequence In Medicine And Public Health, One Base Pair At A Time"



Genomic Tests

Pharmacogenomics of 6-Mercaptopurine: Clinical implications, Medscape, November 1 [by free subscription only]

From gene testing to the bedside: workshop focuses on future strategies.
Goozner M. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2011 Aug 3;103(15):1150-1.

From gene testing to the bedside, Medscape, October 31 [by free subscription only]

For more information on genomic applications in practice and prevention, please visit the GAPP Finder in the GAPP Knowledge Base and PLoS Currents Evidence on Genomic Tests.

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Family Health History

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Practice and Programs

Genomic Education Resources for Nursing Faculty
Tonkin E, et al. J Nurs Scholarsh 2011 Oct

Genomics in nursing and midwifery, PHG Foundation, October 31

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Policy and Legislation

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Public Health Science

Can genetic risk information for age-related macular degeneration influence motivation to stop smoking? A pilot study
Rennie CA, et al. Eye (Lond) 2011 Oct

Genomics and the Multifactorial Nature of Human Autoimmune Disease
Cho JH, Gregersen PK. N Engl J Med. 2011 Oct 27;365(17):1612-23.

Associations with early-life socio-economic position in adult DNA methylation
Borghol N, Suderman M, McArdle W, et al. Int. J. Epidemiol. (2011) Oct 20

How your childhood might change your genes, PHG Foundation, October 28

Temporal Dynamics and Genetic Control of Transcription in Human Prefontal Cortex
Colantuoni C, Lipska BK, Ye T, et al. Nature. 2011 Oct 26;478(7370):519-23.

Aspirin cuts colorectal cancer risk in Lynch syndrome patients, ABC News, October 27

People with genetic risk of cancer reduce chances with aspirin, but not recommended for most, Washington Post, October 27

The eph-receptor a7 is a soluble tumor suppressor for follicular lymphoma.
Oricchio E, Nanjangud G, Wolfe AL, et al. Cell. 2011 Oct 28;147(3):554-64.

From genomic data to new cancer drug, EurekAlert, October 27

209 human genome epidemiology articles have recently been added, please visit the HuGE Literature Finder in the HuGE Navigator.

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CDC-Authored Genomics Publications

CDC authors are indicated in bold

Comparison of real-time PCR and a microimmunofluorescence serological assay for detection of Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection in an outbreak investigation
Benitez AJ, Thurman KA, Diaz MH, Conklin L, Kendig NE, Winchell JM. J Clin Microbiol. 2011 Oct 26.

Gene expression analysis in the thalamus and cerebrum of horses experimentally infected with West Nile virus
Bourgeois MA, Denslow ND, Seino KS, Barber DS, Long MT. PLoS One. 2011 ;6(10):e24371.

Hepatitis B outbreak associated with a hematology-oncology office practice in New Jersey, 2009
Greeley RD, Semple S, Thompson ND, High P, Rudowski E, Handschur E, Xia GL, Ganova-Raeva L, Crawford J, Robertson C, Tan C, Montana B. Am J Infect Control. 2011 Oct;39(8):663-70.

The iron-responsive regulator Irr is required for wild-type expression of the gene encoding the heme transporter BhuA in Brucella abortus 2308
Anderson ES, Paulley JT, Martinson DA, Gaines JM, Steele KH, Roop RM. J Bacteriol. 2011 Oct;193(19):5359-64.

Phylogeography and molecular epidemiology of Yersinia pestis in Madagascar
Vogler AJ, Chan F, Wagner DM, Roumagnac P, Lee J, Nera R, Eppinger M, Ravel J, Rahalison L, Rasoamanana BW, Beckstrom-Sternberg SM, Achtman M, Chanteau S, Keim P. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2011 Sep;5(9):e1319.

View previous CDC-authored publications

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Let's Go Surfing

ALFRED: an allele frequency resource for research and teaching
Rajeevan H, et al. Nucleic Acids Res 2011 Oct

Detours on the Road to Personalized Medicine
Fiore L, D’Avolio L. JAMA 2011;306(17):1914-1915

BioNOT: A searchable database of biomedical negated sentences.
Agarwal S, Yu H, Kohane I. BMC Bioinformatics. 2011 Oct 27;12(1):420.

Field performance of engineered male mosquitoes
Harris AF, Nimmo D, McKemey AR, et al. Nat Biotechnol. 2011 Oct 30.

Google strikes deal to preserve DNA data online, Montreal Gazette, October 27

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Events and Training

Community Genetics In South And South-East Asia

Predictive Genetic Testing, Risk Communication and Risk Perception

Translational Pharmacogenomics [PDF 231.36 KB]

Access other events

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The CDC Office of Public Health Genomics makes available the above information as a public service only. The items in the update come from news articles and scientific articles and abstracts published during the past week. The headlines and lead sentences are exactly as they appear & do not necessarily reflect the opinions, recommendations, or endorsement by the CDC.  Note that some links may become invalid over time.


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