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Genomics Translation

Inaugural Meeting of the
Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention Network (GAPPNet™):
A National Collaboration for Realizing the Promise of Genomics
in Health Care and Disease Prevention


October 2930, 2009 ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan



Scientific Posters


Knowledge Synthesis and Dissemination


Comparative Effectiveness Research in Genomics & Personalized Medicine for Colorectal Cancer
Goddard KAB, Whitlock EP, Kushi LH, Maciosek M, Feigelson HS et al.

The potential value added to medical records by Family Healthware™
O’Neill S, Kattezham R, Starzyk E, Edelston A, Beaumont J et al for the Family Healthware™Impact Trial (FHITr) group
Poster [PDF 119 KB]

Evaluation Data for Assessing Personalized Medicine Translation (EDAPT): A Framework to Examine Clinical Application, Economic, Policy, and Regulatory Issues
Van Bebber SL , Kathryn A. Phillips , and members of the Center for Translational and Policy Research on Personalized Medicine (TRANSPERS)
Poster [PDF 92 KB]

Evidence Base for Genetic Testing and Screening in Sudden Cardiac Death
Modell SM
Poster [PDF 2.84 MB]

Facilitating Informed Decisions Regarding Microsatellite Instability Testing Among High-Risk Individuals Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer
Manne SL, Meropol NJ, Weinberg DS Vig H, Catts ZA, M.S. et al.
Poster [PDF 150 KB]

Genetic Susceptibility for Lung Cancer: Interactions with Gender and Smoking History and Impact on Early Detection Policies
Kimmel M, Gorlova OY, Amos C, Henschke C, Lei L, et al.    

Hayes Genetic Test Evaluation (GTE) Program: Evidence-Based Evaluation of Genetic Tests
Allingham-Hawkins DJ, Lea A, Spock L, Levine S
Poster [PDF 1.73 MB]

The Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base (PHARMGKB): 2009 Update
Thorn CF, Berlin D, Fieldman R, Gong L, Gong M, et al.
Poster [PDF 3.51 MB]

A Review of Major Existing Evaluation Frameworks for Genetic Tests
Sun F, Schoelles K, Bruening W, Kaczmarek J, Giradi G, et al.

Semi-Automated Citation Screening for Systematic Reviews
Wallace BC and Trikalinos TA
Poster [PDF 1.51 MB]


Evidence-Based Recommendation Development and Dissemination


Hayes Genetic Test Evaluation (GTE) Program: Evidence-Based Evaluation of Genetic Tests.
Allingham-Hawkins DJ, Lea A, Spock L, Levine S
Poster [PDF 1.73 MB]

Intentions to Participate in Genetics Research: Demographic, Behavioral, and Belief Factors in a Nationally Representative Sample
Paquin R, Cappella JN


Translation Research


Alternate Approaches to Delivering Genetic Counseling and Testing: An Equivalence Trial
Schwartz MD, Peshkin BN, Graves K and Valdimarsdottir H

The Center for Comparative Effectiveness in Genomic Medicine
Katrina Armstrong K, Domchek S, Bristol-Demeter MN, and The Penn CCEGM Investigator Team.
Poster [PDF 155 KB]

Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Cancer Genomics (CANCERGEN)
Ramsey S, Crowley J, Baker L, Barlow B, Burke W, et al.

Clinical Utility of Family History on Lifestyle and Screening Behaviors for Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes: The Family HealthwareTM Impact Trial
Ruffin MT IV, Nease DE, Pace WD,  Sen A, O’Neill SM, et al.
Poster [PDF 370 KB]

Clinical Validity and Utility of Genomic-Targeted Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer
Turner A, Kader K, Sun J, Zheng SL, King N, et al.
Poster [PDF 1.55 MB]

College Smokers' perceptions of lung cancer risk and desire to quit following genetic susceptibility feedback: Preliminary findings of an ongoing randomized controlled trial
Lipkus I, Sanderson S, Shepperd J, O'Neill S, Docherty S, et al.
Poster [PDF 141 KB]

Design of the Clarification of Optimal Anticoagulation through Genetics (COAG) Trial
Kimmel SE for the COAG Study Investigators

Details Matter: VA Patients’ Attitudes Regarding Predictive Genetic Tests for Colorectal Cancer
Zikmund-Fisher BJ, Exe NL, Roberts JS, Fagerlin A, Kim SY, et al.
Poster [PDF 225 KB]

Evaluating Patient Preferences for the Adoption and Use of Personalized Genomic Medicine: A Discrete Choice Experiment
Amalia M. Issa AM, Farroni JS, Tufail W and Tenorio J

Evaluation of Family Health History Tools for Public Health Prevention: User Testing Feedback among African Americans and Latinos in the Community
Wang C, Gallo RE, Kanabar M, Smith GA,  JC, Beene-Harris R, Fleisher L, Miller SM

Evaluating the clinical utility of Family Healthware™
O’Neill S, Rubinstein W, Rothrock N, Cloherty E, Beaumont J et al for the Family Healthware™Impact Trial (FHITr) group
Poster [PDF 84.1 KB]

From Health Heritage to GenE EMR – A Gene Enabled Electronic Medical Record and Clinical Decision Support Application
Knaus WA, MD, Cohn WF

Guideline Adherent Genomic Services for Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer in VA
Knight SJ, Green GL, Bertenthal D, Chren MM,. Phillips KA

Identification of Low-Income Women at High Risk for Hereditable Cancer: Formative Phase of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Galen G and Pasick RJ
Poster [PDF 1.38 MB]

The Impact of Pleiotropic Information about Cardiovascular Disease Risk on Health Behavior Changes among People Seeking Genetic Susceptibility Testing for Alzheimer’s Disease: Initial Results from a Randomized Trial
Christensen KD, Roberts JS, Cupples LA and Green RC for the REVEAL Study Group

The Importance of Community Input as we Move Towards Realizing the Promise of Genomics in Health Care and Disease Prevention
Cross D and McCarty CA for the PMRP Community Advisory Group
Poster [PDF 2.59 MB]

The Multiplex Initiative: Science over Supposition to Inform Personalized Genomics
McBride C, Hensley Alford SH, Reid R, Larson E, Baxevanis A, Brody L

Pediatric Pharmacogenetics: Pursuing Translation through a Pediatric CERT
Kahn RS, Seid M, Froehlich T, Hooper D, Vinks S, et al.
Poster [PDF 122 KB]

Understanding Providers’ Views regarding the Delivery of Genomic Medicine at the VHA using Complexity Science Theory
Arar N, Noel P, Abboud H, Parchman M
Poster [PDF 175 KB]


Translation Programs


Family History of Colorectal Cancer: Results from the 2008 Oregon Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Zlot A     
Poster [PDF 163 KB]

Genetic Testing in the 21st Century: Ensuring Quality for the Publics' Health
Lubin IM, Kalman L, Chen B, Barker S, Ragin-Wilson A, et al.
Poster [PDF 476 KB]

The Heredity Project: Development of Educational Interventions for Improved Genetic Literacy
Park VM, G. Shreve RG
Poster [PDF 486 KB]

Promoting Cancer Genomics Best Practices through Surveillance, Education, and Policy Change in the State of Michigan (2008-2011)
McLosky J, Duquette D, and Bach J

A Research Program for Incorporating Patient Preferences into Clinical Applications of Genomic Medicine
Trafton JA, Lewis ET, Clark DJ, Goldstein MK
Poster [PDF 649 KB]



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