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Genomic Resources

Web Statistics for July 2012

  • 27,671 external page views for the entire Web site
  • 14,794 external site visits for the entire Web site
  • Average time spent on the Web site: 3.6 minutes

Daily Page Views of CDC's Office of Public Health Genomics Web site
for July 2012

link for text of chart for web trends during past 3 months

Most Popular Web Pages in July 2012

  • Total views

  • 3,050
  • 2,710
  • 1,647
  • 1,465
  • 1,133

Top Ways That People Arrive at the OPHG Web Site

New Subscribers to the Genomics & Health Weekly Update since 1997

Current subscribers in 2011: 43,543

chart showing increase in subscribers from 49 in 1997 to 39,214 in 2011

When a page on the site is visited by 1 visitor, this is counted as 1 page view. This is the equivalent of the older term, “page hit.”

A visit occurs when a single visitor comes to and navigates around the Web site. A visit may consist of multiple page views or just 1 page view. A visit is also called a “Session.” The visit/session persists until 30 minutes of inactivity or 12 hours of continuous activity. After this, it’s considered a new visit/session and new visitor.