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HuGENet™ Workshops

Knowledge synthesis in gene-environment interaction in cancer IARC-NCI-HuGENet meeting

Monday, May 18th through Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
IARC, Lyon


May 18, 2009
9:30 am Opening
P. Boffetta, IARC; M. Khoury, CDC; D. Winn, NCI
Session I: Causality in the context of environmental carcinogenesis
(Chair: P. Boffetta, IARC) 
10:00 am Reliable measurement of environmental exposure: collateral damage in the genomic revolution?
C. Wild, IARC
10:20am Interpreting epidemiological evidence for the identification of environmental carcinogens.
P. Boffetta, IARC
10:40am Coffee break
11:10am The experience of the IARC Monographs.
V. Cogliano, IARC
11:30am Session 1 - Discussion
Session II: Cumulative evidence on genetic determinants of cancer and carcinogens
(Chair: M. Khoury, CDC)
11:50am CDC: Introduction and overview
M. Khoury
12:05pm Methods of HuGE reporting and systematic reviews of gene-disease association
J. Little, U. Ottawa
12:20pm Evaluating cumulative evidence in genetic associations in cancer
PJ. Ioannidis, U. Ioannina
12:35pm Lunch break
1:35pm Contribution of GWA to the identification of cancer genetic variants.
D. Hunter, Harvard
2:05pm Functional genomics: how to strengthen assessment of causality by combining genetic and epidemiologic data?
S. Tavtigian
2:35pm  Session 2 – Discussion
Session III: Evaluation of cumulative evidence on gene-environment interactions
(Chair: P. Vineis, Imperial College)
2:50pm Tobacco-related lung carcinogenesis as a model.
S. Hecht, U. Minnesota
3:20pm Coffee break
3:50pm Which gene-environment interactions have been identified in cancer etiology?
N. Rothman, NCI
4:20pm Methods for systematic reviews focusing on gene-environment interaction
J. Higgins, U. Cambridge
4:50pm Criteria for evaluation of gene-environment interactions in cancer research.
P. Vineis, Imperial College
5:10pm Adjourn


May 19, 2009
Session III (cont'd): Evaluation of cumulative evidence on gene-environment interactions
(Chair: P. Vineis, Imperial College)
9:00am Methods for studying gene-environment interactions in candidate pathway and genome-wide association studies, with application to ionizing radiation and DNA repair in breast cancer.
D. Thomas, USC
9:30am Statistical issues in the assessment of the evidence of gene-environment interactions.
S. Wacholder, NCI
10:00am Session 3 – Discussion
10:30am Coffee break
Session IV:
Implications beyond cancer and beyond etiological research
(Chair: C. Ambrosone, Roswell Park)
11:30am Contribution of Mendelian randomization to the identification of gene-environment interactions
G. Davey-Smith, U. Bristol
12:00pm Gene-environment interaction in cancer outcome research
C. Ambrosone, Roswell Park
12:30pm Lunch break
1:30pm Session 4 – Discussion
Session V:
Implications for current evaluation programs (Chairs: J. Ioannidis, U. Ioannina; V. Cogliano)
Panel discussion: J. Little, J. Higgins, H. Campbell, D. Seminara
3:00pm Coffee break
Session VI:
Recommendations for future research (Chair: D. Winn, NCI)
Panel discussion: N. Rothman, C. Ambrosone, D. Hunter, P. McKeigue, A. Poland
Session VII:
Discussion on position paper
(Chairs: M. Khoury, P. Boffetta)
5:00pm Adjourn


May 20, 2009
Special Session:
Personal genomics profiling companies : Current practice and implications for healthcare
(Chairs: P. Brennan; G. Davey-Smith)
9:30am Special session – Discussion
10:15am Recommendations from the CDC NIH workshop on personal genomics (M. Khoury)
10:30am Coffee break
Special session:
Finalization of position paper
(Chair: P. Boffetta)
12:00pm Closing



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