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OPHG Team Posters

Office of Public Health Genomics: Translating Gene Discoveries into Population Health Benefits
Office of Public Health Genomics
Poster[PDF 496 KB]

The CDC/NCI NHANES III Collaborative Genomics Project
The Genomics and Population Health Research Team, Office of Public Health Genomics: Nicole F. Dowling, Man-huei Chang, Ramal Moonesinghe, Renée M. Ned, Ajay Yesupriya, Mechele A. Lynch, Diane T. Smelser, Lyna Zhang
Poster[PDF 214 KB]

Human Genome Epidemiology Network: HuGENet
The Genomics Knowledge Integration Team, Office of Public Health Genomics: MartaGwinn, Mindy Clyne, Sara Giordano, Idris Guessous, Wei Yu
Poster[PDF 784 KB]

Development of Family Healthware(TM), a Web-Based Family History Screening Tool
Paula W. Yoon (CDC), Cynthia Jorgensen (CDC), Maren T. Scheuner (RAND Corporation), Muin J. Khoury (CDC)
Poster[PDF 122 KB]

Evidence-Based Evaluation of Genetic Testing: The EGAPP™ Initiative
Alfred O. Berg and Celia Kaye for the EGAPP™ Working Group, Linda Bradley (OPHG), Denise Casey (OPHG), W. David Dotson (OPHG), Michael Douglas (OPHG), Sheri Jordan (OPHG), Stephanie Melillo (OPHG), and Muin J. Khoury (OPHG)
Poster[PDF 233 KB]

Genomic Research

Prevalence of genetic variants in the United States: (NHANES III), 1991 – 1994
Man-huei Chang, Mary L. Lindegren, Mary A. Butler, Stephen J. Chanock, Nicole F. Dowling, Margaret Gallagher, Ramal Moonesinghe, Cynthia A. Moore, Renee M. Ned, Mary Reichler, Christopher L. Sanders, Robert Welch, Ajay Yesupriya, and Muin J. Khoury
Poster[PDF 180 KB]
Abstract[PDF 29 KB]

The association of candidate gene variants with blood lipids in NHANES III

Man-huei Chang, Ajay Yesupriya (presenter), Renee M. Ned, Nicole F. Dowling, Patricia W. Mueller for the NHANES III Genomics Working Group
Poster[PDF 213 KB]
Abstract[PDF 12 KB]

Association of candidate gene polymorphisms with metabolic syndrome and inflammation
D. Smelser, A. Yesupriya, R. Ned, and R. Moonesignhe for the NHANES III Genomics Working Group
Poster[PDF 3.88 MB]
Abstract[PDF 87 KB]

Lead and cognitive function in ALAD genotypes in NHANES III
Edward F. Krieg, Jr. (NIOSH), Mary Ann Butler (NIOSH), Man-huei Chang (OPHG), Tiebin Liu (OPHG), Ajay Yesupriya (OPHG), Mary Lou Lindegren (NCHHSTP), Nicole Dowling (NOHPG)
Poster[PDF 1.15 MB]
Abstract[PDF 81 KB]

Effects of stage of reproduction, nutrients, and genes on serum total homocysteine concentrations in reproductive age women (17-44 years) in the United States from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey DNA bank
S.K. Shapira (NCBDDD), A Yesupriya (OPHG), J. Robitaille (NCBDDD), R. Fisk Green (NCBDDD), H. Hamner (NCBDDD), J. E. Kimmons (NCCDPHP), K.S. Crider (NCBDDD) for the CDC/NCI NHANES III Genomics Working Group
Poster[PDF 196 KB]
Abstract[PDF 96 KB]

Analysis of population structure and stratification in NHANES
Christopher L. Sanders, Ajay J. Yesupriya, Lester R. Curtin
Poster[PDF 115 KB]
Abstract[PDF 84 KB]

Gene polymorphisms in association with inflammation markers in adult women
Amy Z. Fan, Jing Fang, Ajay Yesupriya, Man-Huei Chang, Donald Hayes, Renee Ned, Nicole Dowling, Ali H. Mokad

Gene polymorphisms in association with coronary heart disease and stroke in U.S. adults
Amy Z. Fan, Jing Fang, Ajay Yesupriya, Man-Huei Chang, Donald Hayes, Renee Ned, Nicole Dowling, Ali H. Mokad

Polymorphisms in immune response and inflammation genes are associated with chronic kidney disease in the U.S. population: data from NHANES III
Renée Ned, Ajay Yesupriya, Giuseppina Imperatore, Diane Smelser, and Ramal Moonesinghe
Poster[PDF 677 KB]
Abstract[PDF 54 KB]

Association studies of genetic susceptibility to Hepatitis B and C in U.S. population
Lyna Zhang, Mary Lou Lindegren, Yuri Khudyakov, Ajay Yesupriya, Man-huei Chang, Ramal Moonesinghe, Renee Ned, Nicole F. Dowling, Cynthia Moore, Alison Mawle, Dale Hu, Christine Casey, Mary Reichler, Venkatachalam Udhayakumar, Muin J. Khoury for the CDC/NCI NHANES III Genomics Working Group
Poster[PDF 160 KB]
Abstract[PDF 10 KB]

A glucocorticoid receptor gene haplotype is associated with increased risk for low birth weight infants among Kenyan mothers
D. Smelser, A. Grant, C. Bean, G. Satten, S. Kariuki, L. Zhang, A. A. Lai, Y.P. Shi, L. Slutsker, B. Nahlen, F. ter Kuile, V. Udahayakumar
Poster[PDF 138 KB]
Abstract[PDF 76 KB]

Immune gene polymorphisms and human papillomavirus-16 (HPV-16) seropositivity in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III)
Rachel Waltenburg, Ajay Yesupriya, Man-Huei Chang, Elizabeth Unger, Marta Gwinn, Stephen Chanock, Sophia Wang

Is family history of osteoporosis associated with osteoporosis preventive behavior in U.S. women? A population-based study
Julie Robitaille, Paula W. Yoon, Margarita Irizarry-De La Cruz, Tiebin Liu, Cynthia A. Moore, Muin J. Khoury
Poster[PDF 163 KB]   
Abstract[PDF 11 KB]

Polymorphisms in the genes of interleukin 12 and its receptors in association with protection against severe malarial anemia in children residing in western Kenya
Lyna Zhang, Donald Prather, Jodi Vanden Eng, Sara Crawford, Simon Kariuki, Feiko ter Kuile, Bernard Nahlen, Altaf A. Lal, Venkatachalam Udhayakumar, Ya Ping Shi
Poster[PDF 198 KB]
Abstract[]PDF 11 KB

Genetic predictors of hemolytic uremic syndrome among persons infected with Escherichia coli O157
L. Hannah Gould, Timothy Jones, Jeffrey Canter, Frederick Angulo, Elaine Scallan, and the CDC FoodNet Genomics Working Group
Poster[PDF 202 KB]
Abstract[PDF 83 KB]

Evaluation of the quality and quantity of DNA from buccal samples in the National Birth Defects Prevention Study
Mary M. Jenkins, Margaret L. Gallagher, Sonja A. Rasmussen, Cynthia Sturchio, Deborah A. Koontz, Patrician Richter, Sarah Collier, Margaret A. Honein
Abstract[PDF 74 KB]

Racial and ethnic differences in mammography utilization among women under 40 years of age
Kapp JM, Ryerson AB, Coughlin SS

Comparison of target labeling methods for use with Affymetrix® 3’ transcript GeneChips
Toni Whistler

Enroute to protein biomarker discovery for early-detection of cervical cancer
Gitika Panicker, Vincent Emanuele II, Brian Burbaxani, Daisy Lee, Elizabeth Unger, CVDB, DVRD, NCZVED

A genomewide association study of chronic fatigue syndrome
Alicia K. Smith, Suzanne D. Vernon, Elizabeth R. Unger, Mangalathu S. Rajeevan

Genetics of chronic fatigue syndrome and its subgroups defined by latent class analysis
Mangalathu S. Rajeevan, Alicia K. Smith, Eric Aslakson, Suzanne D. Vernon, William C. Reeves

Functions of Serotonin Receptor 2A Polymorphism: Impact on transcription factor binding and DNA methylation
Virginia Falkenberg, Alicia K. Smith, Maung M. Khin, Mangalathu S. Rajeevan

Optimization of whole genome amplification of blood collected on FTA cards for genetic epidemiology studies
Irina Dimulescu, Alicia K. Smith, Suzanne D. Vernon, Elizabeth R. Unger, Mangalathu S. Rajeevan

Maternal and infant genetic contributions to spontaneous very preterm birth using a state-based biobank
Christopher Bean, Dhelia Williamson, Juan Yang, Martin Kharrazi
Poster[PDF 3.14 MB]
Abstract[PDF 78 KB]

ERCC1, a potentially useful marker of cancer susceptibility related to DNA repair deficiency
Teri L. Larkins, Eddie Reed

The association of moderate/severe periodontitis, (MSP) pregnancy, and two Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene: NHANES III, 1988-1994
Karon Abe, Ajay Yesupriya, Althea Grant, Paul Eke, Man-Huei Chang, Renee Ned, Nicole Dowling, Glen Satten
Poster[PDF 197 KB]
Abstract[PDF 83 KB]

Evaluation of NHANES DNA bank specimens with high-throughput single nucleotide genotyping arrays
Christopher Greene, Lisa M. Keong, Patricia W. Mueller
Poster[PDF 159 KB]
Abstract[PDF 12 KB]

Polygenic model for complex diseases: Genetic susceptibility and risk factors
Eugene Demchuk, Michael I. Luster, Berran Yucesoy, Victor J. Johnson, Christopher T. De Rosa
Poster[PDF 1.11 MB]
Abstract[PDF 70 KB]

Nephropathy in type I diabetes is diminished in carriers of HLA DRB1 04: the GoKinD study
Suzanne K. Cordovado, Yuan Zhao, James H. Warram, Hongguang Gong, Karen L. Anderson, Miyono M. Hendrix, Laura N. Hancock, Patricia A. Cleary, Patricia W. Mueller

ALAD 2 allele is associated with blood lead level and hypertension in the NHANES III data bank
Franco Scinicariello, Bruce A. Fowler, Ajay Yesupriya, Man-Huei Chang

Incorporating genomic information (SNPs) in assessing health risks of environmental exposures to chemicals
Jewell D. Wilson

Vaccine safety in the era of genomics
Barbara A. Slade

The role of genetics in occupational respiratory diseases
Berran Yucesoy, Victor J. Johnson, Val Vallyathan, Michael I. Luster
Poster[PDF 167 KB] 
Abstract[PDF 119 KB]

Trends in sickle cell disease-related mortality among black children in the United States, 1983 - 2002
Emad A. Yanni

Genetic Testing

Summary of recommendations from multi-disciplinary focused-advisory groups on cascade testing and genetic counseling for fragile X-associated disorders
N Street, A McConkie Rosell, L Abrams, B Finucane, A Cronister, LW Gane, SM Coffey, S Sherman, LM Nelson, E Berry-Kravis, D Hessl, S Chiu, A Vatave, TJ Multhaupt-Buell, RJ Hagerman
Poster[PDF 364 KB]
Abstract[PDF 73 KB]

Development of a DNA-based cystic fibrosis newborn screening proficiency testing program
Marie Earley (CDC), Anita Laxova (UWSMPH), Philip Farrell (UWSMPH), W. Harry Hannon (CDC)

A comparison of Affymetrix GeneChip® Exon and standard expression arrays for use in a clinical research laboratory
Cheng-Feng Chiang

Estimates of population prevalence of first-degree family history of breast and ovarian cancer in the United States: Implications for genetic testing and counseling, 2005
IJ Hall, AL Mosby-Hall, SS Coughlin

The Genetic Testing Reference Materials Coordination Program (GeT-RM) - A sustainable community process to improve availability of appropriate reference materials for genetic testing
Lisa Kalman and Shannon Barker
Poster[PDF 1.86 MB]
Abstract[PDF 72 KB]

The development and use of the Genetic Testing Electronic Quality Information Portal, GeT-EQuIP
Emily Reese and Bin Chen
Poster[PDF 851 KB]
Abstract[PDF 70 KB]

Direct to consumer marketing of a nutrigenetics testing product in retail settings: The Minnesota experience
Kristin Peterson Oehlke

Laboratory medicine and genetic testing: CDC paving the road
Ira Lubin and Lisa Kalman

Should genetic testing be used to guide warfarin therapy? A cost-utility analysis based on current evidence
Lisa Meckley, James M. Gudgeon, Jeffrey L. Anderson, Marc S. Williams, David L. Veenstra
Poster[PDF 2415 KB]
Abstract[PDF 74 KB]

Information and services for prenatal testing in Oregon: A comparison of urban and rural counties
Beth Webber, Jia Yin Wan, Al Sandoval, Kenneth D. Rosenberg, Amy Zlot, Karen Edwards
Poster[PDF 304 KB]
Abstract[PDF 70 KB]

Preparing for a direct to consumer marketing campaign for BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing: a three state public health collaboration
Heather Dacus, Karen Greendale, Cynthia Boddie-Willis, Elaini Negussie, Beverly Burke
Poster[PDF 5.08 MB]
Abstract[PDF 157 KB]

Genomics and Family History Public Health Practice

Family history and diabetes among adult participants of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2002
Ann Annis Emeott, Mark S. Caulder, Michelle L. Cook, Debra Duquette
Poster[PDF 153 KB]
Abstract[PDF 72 KB]

Family history of premature heart attack or stroke, Michigan WISEWOMAN program, 2001-2006
Ann Annis Emeott, Robin Roberts, Velma Theisen, Deb Duquette, Mary Teachout
Poster[PDF 491 KB]
Abstract[PDF 75 KB]

Healthy Homes University: An innovative approach to indoor air quality, asthma, and family history in a community setting
Courtney Wisinski, John Gehring, Linda Stewart, Debra Duquette, Robert Wahl
Poster[PDF 551 KB]
Abstract[PDF 77 KB]

Family history, of colorectal cancer: risk perception and risk reduction behaviors - Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, 2005
Ann Annis Emeott, Ann P. Rafferty, Deb Duquette, Chris Fussman, Sarah Lyon-Callo, Janice Bach, Polly Hager
Poster[PDF 332 KB]
Abstract[PDF 123 KB]

Genomics and public health prior to the CDC effort: The linkage of genetic measurements to a health risk assessment
Jeffrey Roseman, Rodney C. P. Go, Ronald T. Acton
Poster[PDF 1.18 MB]
Abstract[PDF 73 KB]

Family history of diabetes: Incorporating genomics data into the BRFSS
Amy Zlot
Poster[PDF 154 KB]
Abstract[PDF 63 KB]

Family history collection in Oregon federally qualified health centers
Beverly Mielke and Amy Zlot
Poster[PDF 89 KB]
Abstract[PDF 64 KB]

Evaluation of a family health history project for urban Appalachian women
Melanie F. Myers, Jody P. Wallace, Margaret G. Au, Carol Baugh, M. Kathryn Brown, Sandra Cornett, Bonnie Hood, Judy L. Jarrell, Paula Houston, Cynthia A. Prows, Norma Ryan, Nancy Steinberg Warren
Poster[PDF 106 KB]
Abstract[PDF 62 KB]

Family history in a family practice electronic medical record
David Weismantel, Roy Gerard

Relationship between family history of premature cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors among participants in Minnesota Sageplus (WISEWOMAN) program
Kristin Peterson Oehlke

A family history risk awareness campaign targeting people with diabetes
Laurel Reger, Rita Mays, Kristin Peterson-Oehlke, Heather Devlin, Anne Walaszek
Poster[PDF 7.64 MB]
Abstract[PDF 69 KB]

Looking back…Thinking ahead: applications of family health history to primary care
Debra Duquette, MS, CGC


Genomics Capacity Building

Incorporating genomics into an existing state level cancer surveillance system
TaTisha N. McCainey, Glenn Copeland, Laurie DeDecker, Ann Annis-Emeott, Won Silva
Poster[PDF 866 KB]
Abstract[PDF 70 KB]

A model framework for integrating genomics into public health programs
Kerry Silvey
Abstract[PDF 72 KB]

Cancer genomics for public health: Increasing genomic competency and confidence in the public health workforce
Deb Duquette, Mary Teachout, Ann Annis-Emeott, John Gehring, Janice Bach
Poster[PDF 968 KB] 
Abstract[PDF 72 KB]

Development and implementation of genetics to genomics: A secondary education curriculum to educate teachers on the relevance and value of genomics
Mary Teachout, Barb Neureither, Deb Duquette, Janice Bach
Poster[PDF 1.07 MB]
Abstract[PDF 129 KB]

Sudden cardiac death of the young in Michigan: Development and implementation of an innovative mortality review system
Janice Bach, Ann Annis Emeott, Beth Hanna, Deb Duquette, Velma Theisen, Sarah Lyon-Callo, Kenneth Rosenman
Poster[PDF 575 KB]
Abstract[PDF 76 KB]

A community for genomics professionals: Creating the genomics forum of the American Public Health Association
Jody Platt, Kia Jayaratne, Erin Payne, Tody Citrin

Public health genomics surveillance: using alternative data sources
Amara Zafar, Rebecca Giles, Jenny Johnson
Poster[PDF 759 KB]
Abstract[PDF 80 KB]

Genomics, community and equity: A continuing dialogue
Toby Citrin, Sally Meyer, Ella Greene-Moton

Integrating genomics into state chronic disease prevention programs
Jenny Johnson and Rebecca Giles
Poster[PDF 1.09 MB]
Abstract[PDF 68 KB]

Asthma's future in Utah; how genomics will play a role
Jenny Johnson, Rebecca Giles, Libbey Chuy
Poster[PDF 17.8 MB]
Abstract[PDF 70 KB]

Family genetics education through school and community partnerships
Jenny Johnson, Rebecca Giles, Louisa A. Stark, Stacy Eddings
Poster[PDF 27.9 MB]
Abstract[PDF 75 KB]

Input on genomics in Minnesota focus groups with key people
Kristin Peterson Oehlke, Richard Krueger, Mary Anne Casey
Poster[PDF 128 KB]
Abstract[PDF 75 KB]



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