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Treat Dry Cough

Caring for Someone Sick at Home

Coughing can help clear congestion when you are sick with the flu. Cover your cough with a tissue, like this man.About coughs

Coughing can help clear out mucous and congestion from your lungs. Yet, dry coughs when there is no mucous can make your airways, throat, or chest sore. Treating a dry cough can stop this sore feeling and also help you get rest.

Treating a dry cough

  • Ask the pharmacist about which cough medicines are best to treat a dry cough. Do not give children younger than 4 years of age cough or cold medicines.
  • Set up a humidifier. That’s a machine that puts tiny drops of water (moisture) into the air. This extra moisture can make it easier for the sick person to breathe.
  • Offer adults a cough drop or hard candy to soothe their throat and lessen the urge to cough.