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Make a Separate Sick Room, if You Can

Caring for Someone Sick at Home

Keeping the person with the flu, like this woman, in a separate sick room can help keep others in the family from getting the flu.Keeping the person with flu in a separate sick room can help keep others in the family from getting the flu.

Take these steps to create a separate sick room:

  • Try to give the sick person their own room. If there is more than one sick person, they can share the sick room if needed.
  • If you have more than one bathroom, have sick people use one bathroom and well people use the other one.
  • Give each sick person their own drinking glass, washcloth, and towel.

Have these items in the sick room

  • Tissues
  • Trash can with lid and lined with a plastic trash bag
  • Alcohol-based hand rub
  • Cooler or pitcher with ice and drinks
  • Set up a sick room with items available such as tissues, pitcher with ice, thermometer, and a humidifier. This man in bed has access to many of these items in a separate room.Cup with straw or squeeze bottle to help with drinking
  • Thermometer
  • Humidifier (A machine that puts tiny drops of water into the air. This extra moisture can make it easier for the sick person to breathe.)
  • Facemasks (Sick people should wear a facemask if available when they leave the sick room or are around other people.)

About medicines in the sick room

  • Store all medicines out of reach of children. If you have no young children in the home, place medicines for adults in the sick room.
  • Write down medicine dose and when doses are needed.