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Web Tools

The Flu Web tools include widgets, banners, buttons and badges that can be added to your website; these will link back to CDC’s flu website. You can download and send ecards to patients, family, and friends to encourage flu vaccination, in addition to viewing and responding to blogs.

Flu Widgets

Flu I.Q. Flu Pledge Widget The Flu I.Q. widget is an interactive quiz to test your flu knowledge. Place the Flu I.Q. Widget on your Web site, portal home page or on your blog to help others raise their flu I.Q. too! Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers at first, the Flu I.Q. widget is an easy and fun way to learn what’s true about flu.

Take the Flu Vaccination Pledge! Show your support by committing to get vaccinated. If you have already gotten vaccinated this season, spread the word about the importance of getting a flu vaccine every year. Share your commitment with friends and family on facebook or twitter!

The Protect the Circle of Life widget is an interactive quiz similar to the Flu I.Q. widget but tailored specifically to American Indians and Alaska Natives as a way to test their knowledge about influenza, vaccination and common misconceptions.

The Influenza Antiviral Quiz for Clinicans is an interactive quiz similar to the Flu I.Q. widget but developed for health care professionals as a way to test their knowledge about influenza antiviral drugs.


Flu Vaccine Finder

Flu Prevention eCards

	Flu Prevention eCards

Download Send electronic greeting cards to friends, family, co–workers!


Animated Images

	Did you know pregnant women can get their flu shot at any point during pregnancy?Download or share animated images on flu-related topics.