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Three women smilingBreast Cancer
Younger Women Are Also at Risk
(Published: April 7, 2014)

Woman and baby using laptopFree Tools!
Is your young child’s development on track?
(Published: April 7, 2014)

Mom hugging teenage sonPrevent HPV Cancers
Prevent HPV-related Cancers in Minority Men and Women
(Published: April 7, 2014)

Worker fogging villageWorld Health Day
Small Bite, Big Threat - World Health Day 2014
(Published: April 7, 2014)

March 2014

Young womanBackyard Flocks
Backyard Flocks: Reduce the risk of Salmonella
(Published: March 31, 2014)

Girl covering eyesNew Autism Data
10 Things to Know About New Autism Data
(Published: March 27, 2014)

Group of peopleGet Seizure Smart
Get seizure smart! Learn first aid for seizures.
(Published: March 24, 2014)

People at airportMeasles and Travel
Don’t Let Measles Be Your Travel Souvenir
(Published: March 24, 2014)

Girl covering eyesPink Eye
Pink Eye—or Conjunctivitis—Can Spread Easily
(Published: March 24, 2014)

Grandmother weaving with granddaughterNNHAAD
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
(Published: March 20, 2014)

Grandparents and babyHib Disease
Vaccinate Your Child Against Hib Disease
(Published: March 17, 2014)

Family boarding planeMeasles
Measles is Highly Contagious and Can Be Serious
(Published: March 17, 2014)

Group of peopleWorld TB Day 2014
Learn about TB Patients'’ Experiences
(Published: March 17, 2014)

Doctor looking at x-rayCDC Grand Rounds
Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis
(Published: March 10, 2014)

Family in parkProtecting Kidneys
Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Raise Kidney Disease
(Published: March 10, 2014)

Woman pulling suitcaseSafe Travel
Do You Know about Blood Clots and Travel?
(Published: March 10, 2014)

Food labelSalt Awareness Week
World Salt Awareness Week: March 10-16, 2014
(Published: March 10, 2014)

WomenWomen/Girls & HIV
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
(Published: March 5, 2014)

Baby crawlingCerebral Palsy
Learn the Symptoms
(Published: March 3, 2014)

Two senior men smilingColorectal Cancer
If You're 50 or Older, Get Screened
(Published: March 3, 2014)

February 2014

Mother wiping sick daughter's faceCommon Colds
Protect Yourself and Others
(Published: February 24, 2014)

Doctor and patientFungal Infections
10 Questions to Protect Your Health
(Published: February 24, 2014)

Children smilingVaccines for Children
Program Offers Vaccines for Uninsured Children
(Published: February 24, 2014)

Nursing checking man's blood pressureHeart Health
Take Care of Your Heart this Valentine’s Day
(Published: February 18, 2014)

Boy in wheelchairNew Research
CDC’s New Muscular Dystrophy Research
(Published: February 18, 2014)

January 2014

Large familyBlack HIV Awareness
February 7 is Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
(Published: February 3, 2014)

FamilyWhy Get Vaccinated?
CDC’s Top 10 Reasons to Get Vaccinated
(Published: February 3, 2014)

Hands on globeWorld Cancer Day
The World Unites to Fight Cancer
(Published: February 3, 2014)

Woman with young daughter and motherAt Risk for Flu?
Birth Defects and the Environment
(Published: January 13, 2014)

Two womenCervical Cancer
Screening Tests & HPV Vaccine Help Prevent It
(Published: January 13, 2014)

Prevent Cancer
Prevent Cervical Cancer, Get the HPV Vaccine
(Published: January 13, 2014)

ScientistRubella Vaccine
Protect Your Child With MMR Vaccine
(Published: January 6, 2014)

ScientistScarlet Fever
Recognize, Treat, and Prevent
(Published: January 6, 2014)

December 2013

Woman getting flu shotCancer and Flu
How to Reduce Your Risk of Complications
(Published: December 23, 2013)

Woman with to-do listA Smokefree New Year
Make Your Quit Smoking Plan Last
(Published: December 19, 2013)

BabyPrevent Rotavirus
Protect Your Child from Rotavirus Disease
(Published: December 16, 2013)

Family at the beachFight the flu!
Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Flu!
(Published: December 9, 2013)

Senior coupleCancer Patients
Getting Chemotherapy? Learn About Infections
(Published: December 9, 2013)

Four womenBleeding Disorders
Bleeding Disorders in Women
(Published: December 9, 2013)

Senior couple walkingPrevent Diabetes
Resolve to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Now
(Published: December 9, 2013)

Solve the OutbreakSolve the Outbreak
New Solve the Outbreak Update Now Available
(Published: December 3, 2013)

Elderly native womanProtect Indian Nation
American Indians, Alaska Natives, and the Flu
(Published: December 2, 2013)

Grandfather and grandsonRSV
Protect Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus
(Published: December 2, 2013)

November 2013

Children in KenyaWorld AIDS Day
December 1 is World AIDS Day
(Published: November 27, 2013)

Mother and young sonBoys Need HPV Vaccine
HPV vaccine is recommended for boys
(Published: November 25, 2013)

Couple walking and holding handsEpilepsy
November is Epilepsy Awareness Month
(Published: November 25, 2013)

People eating sushiNorovirus
Norovirus: A Nasty Stomach Bug
(Published: November 25, 2013)

Girl with feverAntibiotics
Prevent Resistance by Using Antibiotics Wisely
(Published: November 18, 2013)

Family eating thanksgiving dinnerDiabetes Care
Managing Your Diabetes During the Holidays
(Published: November 18, 2013)

Senior couple riding bikesLiving Better
Take Action Now to Manage Your Arthritis
(Published: November 11, 2013)

Family looking at laptopManage Epilepsy
Learn How Programs Help People with Epilepsy
(Published: November 11, 2013)

Doctor examining boy's throatStrep Throat?
Strep throat or cold? Get a strep test.
(Published: November 11, 2013)

Cigarette smokeThe Danger of Hookah
Hookah Smoking Just as Toxic as Cigarettes
(Published: November 11, 2013)

Group of PeopleDiabetes Awareness
Learn Diabetes Risk Factors and Care for Your Health
(Published: November 4, 2013)

Woman blowing bubblesLung Cancer
You Can Reduce Your Lung Cancer Risk
(Published: November 4, 2013)

Children runningMumps
Mumps: Be Sure Your Child is Fully Immunized
(Published: November 4, 2013)

Pregnant womanPregnancy and Flu
Pregnant? Get a Flu Shot!
(Published: November 4, 2013)

Adult holding baby's handPremature Birth
National Prematurity Awareness Month
(Published: November 4, 2013)

October 2013

FamilyFamily History
Know Your Family Health History!
(Published: October 28, 2013)

FamilyLatino AIDS Awareness
National Latino AIDS Awareness Day is October 15
(Published: October 28, 2013)

Toy blocksSalmonella
Salmonella and Chicken: What You Should Know
(Published: October 28, 2013)

Chicken on grillSIDS
October is SIDS Awareness Month
(Published: October 28, 2013)

FamilyWorld Stroke Day
October 29 is World Stroke Day
(Published: October 28, 2013)

Young boy studyingADHD
What You Need to Know About ADHD
(Published: October 25, 2013)

September 2013

Group of Asian AmericansKnow Hepatitis B
Testing for Asian Americans
(Published: September 30, 2013)

Care for your family by caring for yourself first
(Published: September 16, 2013)

Today’s drug resistant health threats
(Published: September 16, 2013)

Alcohol ScreeningAlcohol Screening
Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention
(Published: September 9, 2013)

Mother and daughterSickle Cell
Test Your Knowledge: Sickle Cell Disease
(Published: September 3, 2013)

Dog with boneDry Pet food
Tips to Prevent a Salmonella Infection from Dry Pet Food
(Published: September 3, 2013)

August 2013

Glass of beerCosts of Drinking
The High Cost of Excessive Drinking to States
(Published: August 26, 2013)

Two young chidlrenKids and Rabies
Teach Kids About Animals and Rabies
(Published: August 26, 2013)

Three menWhat's Your Reason?
HIV Testing Campaign for Gay & Bisexual Latinos
(Published: August 19, 2013)

Young boy in classroomDiabetes & School
Teach Your Child to Manage Diabetes at School
(Published: August 12, 2013)

Young girlCancer Prevention
Put "HPV Cancer Prevention" on your back-to-school
(Published: August 5, 2013)

Group of seniorsShingles
Protect Yourself against Shingles: Get Vaccinated
(Published: August 5, 2013)

Family eating dinnerE. coli
E. coli Infection and Food Safety
(Published: July 29, 2013)

Mother and daughterFragile X
Test Your Knowledge
(Published: July 22, 2013)

Vet with dogRabies
Protect Your Family from Rabies
(Published: July 22, 2013)

Group of childrenHFMD
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
(Published: July 15, 2013)

Family outsideDiabetes in the Heat
Diabetes in Summer Heat and Emergencies
(Published: July 1, 2013)

Father and daughterHemochromatosis
Pop Quiz: Hemochromatosis
(Published: July 1, 2013)

Group raftingLeptospirosis
When Outdoors, Help Prevent Leptospirosis
(Published: July 1, 2013)

Protect You and Your Child from Tetanus
(Published: July 1, 2013)

June 2013

Photo: EggsSalmonella & Eggs
Tips to Avoid Salmonella in Eggs this Summer.
(Published: June 28 , 2013)

Photo: healthcare workersGet vaccinated!
Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare Workers.
(Published: June 24, 2013)

Photo: People standingHIV Testing Day
National HIV Testing Day is June 27
(Published: June 24, 2013)

Photo: Pregnant women and little girlCytomegalovirus
CMV infection can cause hearing loss and developmental delays in babies who are infected before birth.
(Published: June 24, 2013)

Photo: A manTravel and Diabetes
Plan ahead for diabetes care while on vacation
(Published: June 17, 2013)

May 2013

Photo: Doctor taking women's blood pressureHigh Blood Pressure
May is High Blood Pressure Education Month
(Published: May 1, 2013)

April 2013

Photo: Senior couple walkingArthritis Month
Try walking to ease joint pain
(Published: April 29, 2013)

Photo: Senior couple walkingWorld Malaria Day
World Malaria Day, April 25th
(Published: April 24, 2013)

Photo: Man and womanA Polio-Free U.S.
Keeping the U.S. Polio-Free
(Published: April 22, 2013)

Photo: Man using computer in libraryCDC Stacks
CDC Stacks Shares Public Health Publications
(Published: April 22, 2013)

Photo: Man and womanWorld Immunization
2nd Annual World Immunization Week
(Published: April 22, 2013)

Photo: Group of teenagersMeningitis
11-18 year olds need meningococcal vaccine
(Published: April 22, 2013)

Logo: World Hemophilia DayHemophilia Day
Hemophilia World Day: Test Your Knowledge
(Published: April 15, 2013)

Extended familyReducing Cancer
PRC Program Aids Cancer Prevention and Control
(Published: April 15, 2013)

Logo: SARS - 10 Years LaterRemembering SARS
10 Years Later
(Published: April 15, 2013)

Photo: Austim AwarenessAutism
Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Published: April 8, 2013)

Photo: Fair rideFairs and Food
Food Safety at Fairs and Festivals
(Published: April 8, 2013)

Photo: Teeenage boy and girlSTD Prevention
April is STD Awareness Month
(Published: April 8, 2013)

Photo: Tips from SmokersWorld Health Day
April 7th is World Health Day
(Published: April 5, 2013)

Photo: BatsBe Safe Near Bats
Take Caution When Bats Are Near
(Published: April 1, 2013)

March 2013

Photo: Baby chicksLive Baby Poultry
Reduce your risk of Salmonella infection
(Published: March 25, 2013)

Photo: Sandy's daughtersCerebral Palsy
Test Your Knowledge
(Published: March 18, 2013)

Photo: Well plateCRE: Lethal Germs
Lethal CRE Causing More Infections
(Published: March 5, 2013)

Photo: Scene from PSAsDiabetes PSAs
Traditional knowledge about health and its role in preventing type 2 diabetes
(Published: March 4, 2013)

February 2013

Photo: Mother giving young girl glass of milkRaw Milk
Raw (Unpasteurized) Milk
(Published: February 25, 2013)

Photo: Alex and sisterHeart Defects
Screening for Heart Defects: A Mother's Story
(Published: February 11, 2013)

Photo: Kevin and friendKevin's Story
Muscular Dystrophy: Kevin's Story
(Published: February 11, 2013)

January 2013

Photo: Mother with son and daughterCancer Prevention
Vaccine protects against HPV-related cancers
(Published: January 22, 2013)

Photo: Women smilingThe Race of Mercy
Alaskan Iditarod: Celebrating the Great Race
(Published: January 22, 2013)

Photo: Baby sleepingBirth Defects
Read about one family's experience with spina bifida.
(Published: January 14, 2013)

Photo: Father with sick sonFlu Continues
Flu Activity Continues Nationwide
(Published: January 14, 2013)

Photo: Woman holding drinkBinge Drinking
Binge Drinking Among Women and Girls
(Published: January 8, 2012)

December 2012

Let's Stop HIV Together CampaignHIV Awareness
Let's Stop HIV Together Campaign
(Published: December 28, 2012)

Making CDC Data Interactive
(Published: December 24, 2012)

November 2012

Photo: College studentsHIV Among Youth
Protecting a Generation
(Published: November 27, 2012)

Photo: Hunter in fieldBrucellosis
Protect Yourself from Brucellosis
(Published: November 26, 2012)

Photo: Couple blowing bubblesCOPD
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
(Published: November 26, 2012)

Photo: Group of senior citizensEpilepsy Burden
Disparities in Epilepsy Burden
(Published: November 19, 2012)

Photo: Two women talkingBreast Cancer
Breast Cancer Disparities
(Published: November 14, 2012)

Photo: Four students smilingFamily History
Document Your Family's Health History
(Published: November 13, 2012)

October 2012

Photo: Young boy receiving vaccinationgThe Race to Eradicate Polio
CDC's Ongoing Fight Against Polio
(Published: October 29, 2012)

Photo: Young girlWorld Polio Day
CDC highlights polio eradication work around the globe.
(Published: October 22, 2012)

Photo: Boy in wheelchair in librarySpina Bifida
October is spina bifida awareness month.
(Published: October 15, 2012)

Photo: Group of children smilingADHD
ADHD: Current Research
(Published: October 9, 2012)

Photo: Depressed girl lying downDepression
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
(Published: October 1, 2012)

Photo: Group of peopleHepatitis C
New Hepatitis C Testing Recommendations
(Published: October 1, 2012)

September 2012

Team up with your pharmacist to better understand your condition and any medications you are takingTeam Up. Pressure Down
If you have high blood pressure you are at risk for a heart attack or stroke.
(Published: September 5, 2012)

Photo: Blood Pressure
Getting Blood Pressure Under Control: Many Missed Opportunities
(Published: September 4, 2012)

August 2012

Photo: AJ Green performingSickle Cell
September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month.
(Published: August 31, 2012)

Group of kids smilingKids and Rabies
Teach Kids About Animals and Rabies
(Published: August 27, 2011)

Football players face to faceMRSA
Recognize and Prevent MRSA Infections
(Published: August 27, 2011)

July 2012

Fragile X Syndrome: One Mother's Story.Fragile X
Fragile X Syndrome: One Mother's Story.
(Published: July 16, 2012)

Caregiver Video ContestMH Video Contest
Million Hearts™ Caregiver Video Contest
(Published: July 16, 2012)

June 2012

Photo: Three youthsSickle Cell Trait
Learn 5 truths about sickle cell trait.
(Published: June 11, 2012)

Photo: A group of childrenTourette Syndrome
Tourette Syndrome: Overcoming the Odds.
(Published: June 4, 2012)

May 2012

Photo: Healthcare professional checking blood pressureMay is High Blood Pressure Education Month
In the US today, about 68 million people are living with high blood pressure.
(Published: May 21, 2012)

Photo: Man and Women WalkingArthritis in Action
May is Arthritis Action Month - Change the Course.
(Published: May 14, 2012)

Photo: Photo: Woman working on a computerHepatitis
CDC Launches Online Risk Assessment for Hepatitis.
(Published: May 14, 2012)

Photo: RahulThalassemia Day
Rahul's Story.
(Published: May 7, 2012)

April 2012

Photo: A child's earHearing Loss
Read About One Family's Experience.
(Published: April 30, 2012)

Photo: An expecting motherPregnancy
Pregnancy and Alcohol: Frances's Story.
(Published: April 23, 2012)

Photo: A woman picking cah from a money treeAutism Prevalence
Why is Autism Increasing?
(Published: April 16, 2012)

Photo: Two boysHemophilia Day
World Hemophilia Day: One Family's Story.
(Published: April 16, 2012)

Photo: Mother and childAutism
Autism Screening & Diagnosis
(Published: April 9, 2012)

Photo: A childAutism Training
Autism: New Training for Health Professionals
(Published: April 2, 2012)

Photo: FeetFoot Health Month
Have Diabetes? Daily Care Can Save Your Feet.
(Published: April 2, 2012)

March 2012

Photo: A childNew Autism Data
New Data on Autism Spectrum Disorders.
(Published: March 29, 2012)

Photo: A group of peopleCCDP Launched 
Coordinated Chronic Disease Program Launched.
(Published: March 26, 2012)

Photo: A childDiabetes Alert Day
Check Your Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes.
(Published: March 26, 2012)

Photo: Two childrenCerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy: One Parent's Story.
(Published: March 19, 2012)

Photo: Open handsEmerging Diseases
Fighting Emerging Infectious Diseases.
(Published: March 15, 2012)

Photo: Hospital patientOn Antibiotics?
Stop C. difficile infections related to antibiotics and medical care
(Published: March 6, 2012)

February 2012

Photo: A man and woman Osteoarthritis and You
Managing Arthritis - Moving is Medicine
(Published: February 9, 2012)

January 2012

Photo: Book coverA Healthy Adventure
Eagle Book Mystery Offers Health and Fun.
(Published: January 23, 2012)

Photo: An infantHeart Defects
Screening Newborns for Critical Heart Defects.
(Published: January 23, 2012)

Photo: Healthcare professionalPregnancy
Talk with Your Doctor About Medication Use During Pregnancy.
(Published: January 17, 2012)

Photo: Three womenCronobacter
Learn what you can do to help lower the risk of infection from powdered infant formula caused by Cronobacter.
(Published: January 11, 2012)

Photo: A bottleVital Signs: Binge Drinking 
Nationwide Problem, Local Solutions.
(Published: January 10, 2012)

Photo: Three womenBefore Pregnancy
Consume Folic Acid to Help Prevent Birth Defects.
(Published: January 9, 2012)

Photo: Expecting motherHeart Defects
Learn the Facts About Congenital Heart Defects.
(Published: January 3, 2012)

December 2011

Photo: InfantAlcohol & Baby
Learn About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
(Published: December 19, 2011)

Photo: A giftHeart Health ABCS
A Twist on Gift-giving this Season Could Change a Million Hearts.
(Published: December 19, 2011)

Photo: A womanTuberculosis 
New Treatment Option for Latent TB Infection.
(Published: December 12, 2011)

November 2011

Photo: A girlFlu Vaccines
Flu Vaccines Have Good Safety Records.
(Published: November 28, 2011)

September 2011

Photo: A womanSuccess Stories
New innovative Success Stories Web Site.
(Published: September 26, 2011)

Photo: A womanDiabetes
Diabetes Resources in Spanish.
(Published: September 19, 2011)

Photo: People exercisingUN Summit
Addressing the world's major emerging health threat
(Published: September 19, 2011)

Photo: Mother and daughterSickle Cell
Learn More About Sickle Cell Disease.
(Published: September 2, 2011)

August 2011

Photo: A manHepatitis B
Chronic Hepatitis B and Asian & Pacific Islanders.
(Published: Aug 15, 2011)

Photo: Applying insect repllentWest Nile Virus
Who Cares about Mosquito Bites? We Do.
(Published: Aug 8, 2011)

July 2011

Photo: A manHepatitis Awareness
Hepatitis Awareness Month.
(Published: July 28, 2011)

Photo: RefugeeFamine
CDC Analysis Supports Declaration of Famine.
(Published: July 22, 2011)

Photo: A woman reading a mobile text message.Safe Surgery
Avoid Infections Related to Surgery.
(Published: July 13, 2011)

Photo: A man and woman.Cancer Screening
1 in 3 Adults Are Not Getting Screened.
(Published: July 5, 2011)

Photo: A boy.Iron Storage
Learn about Symptoms and Treatment.
(Published: July 5, 2011)

June 2011

Photo: A womanPeer Learning
Public Health Professionals Collaborate.
(Published: June 27, 2011)

Photo: TurkeyFood Poisoning
Prevent Illness from Clostridium Perfringens.
(Published: June 20, 2011)

Photo: A womanNHTD 2011
Answer the Call; Take the Test and Take Control.
(Published: June 20, 2011)

Photo: A babySickle Cell
World Sickle Cell Awareness Day.
(Published: June 13, 2011)

Photo: A womanTuberculosis
What You Should Know About TB.
(Published: June 13, 2011)

Photo: A man USPHS Syphilis Study
The President's Apology: 10 Years Later
(Published: June 13, 2011)

Photo: A boyTourette Syndrome
Learn What it is and the Resources Available.
(Published: June 6, 2011)

Photo: A manHIV/AIDS
30 years of HIV/AIDS Prevention.
(Published: June 3, 2011)

May 2011

Photo: A babyBaby Hearing
Screen Your Newborn during the First Month.
(Published: May 23, 2011)

Graphic: Data & StatisticsObesity Trends in Adults with Arthritis
Obesity rates are 54% higher among adults with arthritis compared to those without the condition.
(Published: May 16, 2011)

Photo: Flooded homesAfter a Flood
Know How to Protect Your Health & Safety.
(Published: May 13, 2011)

Photo: A person with an inhalerControl Asthma
You Can Prevent Asthma Attacks.
(Published: May 3, 2011)

April 2011

Photo: A healthcare professionalMRSA in Healthcare
Key Things You Should Know.
(Published: April 25, 2011)

Photo: A hard boiled egg Salmonella and Eggs
Tips to Help Prevent a Salmonella Infection from Eggs.
(Published: April 25, 2011)

Photo: A childAutism
Be a Family's Champion; Learn the Signs.
(Published: April 18, 2011)

Photo: A girlAutism Research
Read What CDC is Doing to Understand Autism.
(Published: April 11, 2011)

Photo: A manCancer Control
Collaborating to Conquer Cancer.
(Published: April 4, 2011)

Photo: MedicineWorld Health Day 
Fight Antimicrobial Resistance.
(Published: April 4, 2011)

March 2011

Photo: A childAssessment Tool
Communities Act to Prevent Chronic Diseases.
(Published: March 28, 2011)

Photo: Two womenSickle Cell
Learn the Symptoms and How to Stay Healthy.
(Published: March 14, 2011)

Photo: Red blood cellsBlood Clots
Take Simple Steps to Protect Yourself.
(Published: March 7, 2011)

Photo: A healthcare professionalSafe Healthcare
Infections in Dialysis and Hospital Patients.
(Published: March 1, 2011)

February 2011

Photo: bloodpressure cuffVital Signs
High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: Out of Control.
(Published: February 1, 2011)

January 2011

Photo: A manDiabetes
Get the Facts on Diabetes.
(Published: January 26, 2011)

Photo: A child.CDC Social Media
Follow CDC on Facebook & Twitter
(Published: January 18, 2011)

Photo: .Haiti Earthquake
One-Year Anniversary.
(Published: January 11, 2011)

December 2010

Photo: Healthcare professionalSurgeon General
Report on How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease.
(Published: December 9, 2010)

November 2010

Photo: A man.Breathe Better
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
(Published: November 22, 2010)

Photo: A diverse group of people.Access to Care
Millions Skip Needed Health Care.
(Published: November 9, 2010)

September 2010

Photo: Balamuthia mandrillaris ameba Balamuthia
Balamuthia mandrillaris
ameba infection.
(Published: September 16, 2010)

August 2010

Photo: A womanFamily Reunion
Gather Your Family Health History this Summer.
(Published: August 2, 2010)

July 2010

Photo: The White House.HIV/AIDS 
National Plan Released by White House.
(Published: July 19, 2010)

June 2010

Photo: A hikerOutdoor Safety
Stay Safe in the Woods or Your Backyard.
(Published: June 28, 2010)

Photo: A senior couple. Alzheimer's Disease
It's Not a Normal Part of Growing Older
(Published: June 14, 2010)

May 2010

Photo: InjectionInjection Safety
Safe Injection Practices Prevent Infections
(Published: May 25, 2010)

Photo: A girl with a sunflowerAsthma
Asthma Management in Schools
(Published: May 17, 2010)

Photo: A young boyDrug Control
2010 National Drug Control Strategy.
(Published: May 10, 2010)

April 2010

Photo: A babyDetect Autism Early
First Step: Learn the Signs.
(Published: April 19, 2010)

February 2010

Photo: Blood pressure cuff. High Blood Pressure
New IOM Report on Hypertension
(Published: February 17, 2010)


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