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Skin Cancer Module: Practice Exercises

The Modules.
1: The Skin
2: Normal Cell Biology
3: Cancer Biology
4: Interpreting Cancer Statistics, Part I
5: Interpreting Cancer Statistics, Part II
6: Ultraviolet Radiation
7: The Earth's Ozone Layer
8: A Diversity of Skin Types
9: Know Your Skin Type
10: Skin Cancers
11: Epidemiology of Melanoma
12: Principles of Prevention
13: Levels of Disease Prevention
14: Summary Exercises
Skin Cancer Glossary

This module was developed for students to learn more about skin cancer and epidemiology for the 2002 National Science Olympiad, Disease Detective Section. In addition to the Science Olympiad, these materials have multiple potential applications for biology, other science, and health education purposes in the classrooms of high schools and possibly some middle schools.


Much of this material was adapted from the "SunSmart America: Promoting Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Detection" curriculum developed by the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation in cooperation with the school district of Palm Beach County, Florida.

The curriculum, which fulfills biology standards for Florida, has been in use in the high school biology classes in Palm Beach County. That unit, in turn, was created in cooperation with the Cancer Council Victoria’s SunSmart program (in Australia).

We are indebted to these organizations for their support of this endeavor. We also want to thank Megan Moore, a medical student from Harvard Medical School, and Kimberly Redding, MD, the preventive medicine resident from Morehouse School of Medicine, for their significant contributions and effort to develop this module.

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