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Problem: Georgia Elementary Science Olympiad

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Answer Key

This event consists of  8 problems. Some involve visiting stations located around the room. You may visit the stations in any order. Write all answers on these pages.

(2 points total)
Problem 1.
Please go to Station A. For each item that you find there, name one disease caused by using the item.

Item 1: (cigarette):


Item 2: (smokeless tobacco):


(2 points total)
Problem 2.
Please go to Station B.

(a) List one serious health problem that might be caused during the use of this item.


(b) Explain how the serious health problem might result during use of this item.


(2 points)
Problem 3.
Disease Detectives helped two high schools B Elm School and Oak School B to do surveys to identify how many students have tried smoking cigarettes. The results of the survey are given in this table:

School Total Students Students Smoking Cigarettes
Elm 100 50
Oak 400 100

As the chief Disease Detective, you can chose which school to visit to educate kids about the health problems related to smoking. Which school would you choose and why?

(a) school:


(b) reason for choosing school:


(3 points total)
Problem 4.
B Please go to Station C.

(a) For this item, name one kind of agent or biologic thing that possibly present in this item that can cause sickness in humans.


(b) For this item, list one health problem that might result from eating this item. 


(c) Give one way to prevent health problems that might result from eating this item.


(7 points total)
Problem 5.
Match the following terms: write the letter for the matching term from column B in the space for the correct word in column A. Each term in column B is used only once.

__ alcohol a. measles prevention
__ surgical gloves b. poor diet
__ seat belts c. asthma
__ jogging d. risk factor for liver disease
__ smog / pollution e. prevents hospital infections
__ vaccination f. prevents injuries in crashes
__ obesity g. promotes healthy hearts

(4 points total)
Problem 6.
B Please go to Station D.

(a) List one human health problem or disease associated with this insect.


(b) On the following lines, explain how disease may result from human contact with this agent.


(c) Give 2 ways to prevent health problems caused by this insect.





(2 points)
Problem 7.
  B Please go to Station E.

(a) List one health problem associated with these items.


(b) Describe one way to prevent the health problem resulting from using these items.


(2 points total)
Problem 8.
B Please go to Station F.

(a) Explain how this item might be used to prevent disease spread. 


(b) This item prevents some kinds of diseases. List at least one kind of agent prevented from causing disease because of this item?


Answer Key

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