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Diabetes Materials for Study or Distribution by Health Care Professionals

Diabetes Information for Health Care Professionals

  1. Diabetes Fact Sheet: Recommendations for Persons Undergoing Blood Glucose Monitoring in Evacuation Centers for the Prevention of Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission
    This fact sheet outlines safety procedures for blood glucose monitoring in group residence settings. Available in printer-friendly format.
  2. Hurricane-Related Information for Health Care Professionals
    Includes information pertinent to diabetes-related care, including dialysis, medical devices, hand hygiene, and infection control. Fact sheets available in printer-friendly format.
  3. Emergency Wound Management for Health Care Professionals
    The risk for wound injuries during and after a natural disaster is high, and wound care is of particular importance for individuals with diabetes. Any wound or rash has the potential for becoming infected and should be assessed by a health-care provider as soon as possible. Available in printer-friendly format.
  4. Tetanus Prevention
    People with diabetes are at increased risk of contracting tetanus from wound injuries sustained during a natural disaster. Reported tetanus is about 3 times more common in people with diabetes and fatalities are about 4 times more common. Available in printer-friendly format.
  5. Sharps Disposal
    FDA information about sharps disposal containers and needle destruction devices.
  6. Safe Use of "Tanker" Water for Dialysis
    This document provides guidance for both the suppliers of water and dialysis facilities for using water delivered by tanker trucks in emergency situations.
  7. National Diabetes Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet provides general information and national 2007 estimates on diabetes in the United States. Available in printer-friendly format.
  8. Successes and Opportunities for Population-Based Prevention and Control: At A Glance 2011
    A summary of the prevalence, complications, and cost of diabetes in America, and CDC’s efforts to address the disease. Available in printer-friendly format.
  9. Diabetes Numbers at a Glance [PDF–154 KB]
    Use this handy pocket guide for a quick listing of American Diabetes Association recommendations for diagnosing pre-diabetes and diabetes and for managing your patients with diabetes. In printer-friendly format.
  10. Diabetes and Aging
    Information from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases about diabetes in older people, and differences in diabetes management for this age group.
  11. Kidney Community Emergency Preparedness and Response
    This Web site, provided by the National Kidney Foundation, provides essential information to help kidney health care professionals before and during emergencies. It includes a toll-free telephone help line, links to regional end-stage renal disease networks and related emergency preparedness resources, and mental health resources.

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One-Pagers for Patients

  1. High and Low Blood Glucose Symptoms and Causes [PDF – 200 KB]
    En Español: Síntomas y causas de un nivel alto o bajo de la glucosa [PDF–206 KB]
    An illustrated one-page handout, in printer-friendly format.
  2. Examples of Treatments for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) [PDF–200 KB]
    En Español: Ejemplos para de tratamiento de la Hipoglucemia [PDF–200 KB]
    An illustrated one-page handout, in printer-friendly format.
  3. Foot Care Checklist [PDF–104 KB]
    An illustrated one-page handout, in printer-friendly format.
  4. Signs of Heart and Blood Vessel Problems
    A page from Take Charge of Your Diabetes listing symptoms of heart, blood vessel, and circulation problems.

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  1. Working Together to Manage Diabetes
    This interdisciplinary color poster can be used by health professionals in exam or waiting rooms to help educate patients on controlling "the ABCs of Diabetes", and specific actions patients can take in collaboration with their eye, foot, dental professionals and pharmacists to control diabetes. In printer-friendly format.

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Fact Sheets and Brochures

  1. Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes; Now What? [PDF 52 – KB]
    A 3-page fact sheet about the basics of diabetes self-care, for those who are newly diagnosed. In printer-friendly format.
  2. Diabetes in Older People - A Disease You Can Manage
    La diabetes en las personas mayores: una enfermedad que usted puede controlar
    A 10-page, large-print brochure talking about the basics of diabetes in older people. Available in printer-friendly format.
  3. Diabetes Myths [PDF – 21 KB]
    A 2-page fact sheet listing common myths about diabetes, and the correct information disproving them. In printer-friendly format.
  4. Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime
    En Español: Cuide sus pies durante toda su vida [PDF–4.9 MB]
    A 16-page, large-print, illustrated booklet explaining the importance of foot care for people with diabetes, a daily foot check routine, and advice for safe foot care. In printer-friendly format.
  5. Si Tiene Diabetes, Cuide Su Corazón
    (If You Have Diabetes, Take Care of Your Heart)
    This 8-page, large-print, bilingual (Spanish and English), illustrated brochure explains the link between diabetes and heart disease, and encourages patients to take steps to control their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In printer-friendly format.
  6. What I Need to Know About Eating and Diabetes
    En Español: Lo que debo saber sobre alimentación y la diabetes
    This 49-page illustrated brochure gives a rundown on the dietary components of different foods, meal planning, and how food affects blood glucose. Includes a printable meal plan chart to fill out. Available in printer-friendly format.
  7. Lifestyle Changes for Living with Diabetes
    This 8-panel brochure explains dietary, exercise, and other health-related changes older people can make to prevent or control diabetes. Available in printer-friendly format.

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Larger Publications

  1. Take Charge of Your Diabetes
    En Español: Controle su Diabetes
    This book, written in easy language with large print and illustrations, explains the basics of diabetes management: what problems diabetes can cause and how to prevent them, how to work with a health care team, the importance of lowering high blood glucose and blood pressure, and helpful community resources. Includes simple record pages to track glucose and other test results, sick day routines, and health care provider information. Available in printer-friendly format.
  2. Your Guide to Diabetes
    En Español: Guía para personas con diabetes tipo 1 y tipo 2
    This guide, written in easy language with large print and illustrations, also explains the basics of diabetes management. Available in printer-friendly format. Record pages to fill out are contained within the printable version. Short lists of action steps for insulin users and action steps for non-users can also be printed alone as a handout.

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Sources of More Diabetes Education Materials

  1. Diabetes Frequently Asked Questions
    Information on diabetes prevention and management, including exercise, routine health care and self-care, diabetes complications, high-risk groups, and financial coverage of services.
  2. Diabetes & Me
    Links to additional resources about diabetes and its effects, physical activity, healthy eating, and diabetes prevention.
  3. National Diabetes Education Program
    A partnership of the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more than 200 public and private organizations.
  4. National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse
    A service of the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
    A partner with the National Institute of Health’s National Diabetes Education Program, addressing diabetes in the workplace.
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