CDC and the U.S. Postal Service
Celebrate Public Health Milestone

The U.S. Postal Service joins the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in celebrating CDC's 50th anniversary with a commemorative July 1, 1996 pictorial cancellation featuring the CDC anniversary logo.

"We are pleased that we can be a part of history by sharing in CDC's anniversary celebration through this cancellation," said Atlanta Postmaster Harold Swinton.

The postal service commissions commemorative cancellations several times a year in recognition of a significant or historical date or event.

"We are pleased that the U.S. Postal Service has shown support of CDC and is a partner in our mission. We believe that 50 years of service to the public health of the nation is not just a celebration of our efforts, but a celebration of Americans' commitment to healthy living," said CDC Director Dr. David Satcher.

To honor CDC's advancement of public health, the postal service will also make available a limited number of collectible out-of-date stamps featuring the health industry.

CDC has a rich history of contributions to the nation's public health. CDC scientists have been instrumental in identifying and tracking diseases, such as Legionnaires' and hantavirus. The agency has also played a critical role in disease prevention, reducing illness and death caused by polio, sexually transmitted diseases, injuries, and chronic diseases like breast and cervical cancer and diabetes.

CDC continues to support building stronger public health and surveillance systems, while providing immediate response to disease outbreaks and disasters.

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Updated: Wednesday, November 20, 1996