"Global Health: The Challenges" presented
at 17th Annual Joseph W. Mountin Lecture

In conjunction with the CDC 50th Anniversary celebration, the 17th Annual Joseph W. Mountin Lecture was held on November 14, 1996 at 9:45 a.m. in Auditorium B. This year's lecture entitled, "Global Health: The Challenges," was presented by Mr. Jimmy Carter, former President of the Untied States and chair of the Carter Center Board of Trustees. Mr. Carter served as president of the United States from 1977-1981. Since his tenure as president, he founded The Carter Center, an organization dedicated to resolving conflict, promoting democracy, protecting human rights, and preventing disease and other afflictions. In partnership with CDC, The Carter Center has been involved with efforts to prevent and control river blindness and has worked to eradicate Guinea worm in Africa.

In addition to Mr. Carter's address, two special awards were presented. The Donald A. Berreth Memorial Gift was established to honor the former CDC Office of Public Affairs Director who died unexpectedly on May 5, 1993. The Memorial Gift was used to create the Global Health Odyssey brochure. The Claude F. Pickelsimer, Jr. Award for Unsung Heroes was also presented, and Mr. Pickelsimer, who recently retired as director of FMO, is the recipient of the first award. On Capital Hill Mr. Pickelsimer became known as the "face of CDC" to every appropriations staffer, and during his tenure the executive director of the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program declared CDC's accounting system the "star" of the federal government. Kevin Thurm, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, presented CDC with a special recognition award for the 1996 Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health.

Guest entertainment for the Mountin Lecture was the Thurman Hamer Ellington Percussion Choir which performed at this year's Olympic opening ceremonies. The Choir is composed of African, Latin, and European American drummers who create harmony out of diversity through a common love of music.

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Updated: Thursday, November 14, 1996