CDC’s Global Health Odyssey

CDC is creating a special exhibit area at its Atlanta headquarters, thereby opening its doors to visitors who request tours of CDC each year. CDC’s Global Health Odyssey will be a permanent, interactive educational facility; a place where people can learn about CDC and public health and about the benefits of prevention to their own lives.

A combination visitors and learning center, CDC’s Global Health Odyssey will fulfill several long-standing CDC goals by providing:

Phase I of CDC’s Global Health Odyssey will open on July 1, 1996, as part of CDC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. This first phase, representing approximately a third of the proposed exhibits, will include a lobby with a video wall, on which introductory videos will be shown. From this lobby, visitors will enter a series of four tableaux showing various issues CDC addresses today. Following is a historic section that provides an overview of CDC’s heritage, its development over the years, and its current activities. This area will also include several interactive centers to engage children and adults alike.

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