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Frequently Asked Questions about NPCR–EDITS

What is an NPCR–EDITS metafile?

NPCR–EDITS (Exchangeable-edits, Data-dictionary, and Information Translation Standard) metafiles contain everything needed to edit a data file except the data. Metafiles provide portability of edits, in that the same edits can be applied to different data formats for different purposes. NPCR–EDITS metafiles are created and modified using EditWriter. Please visit NPCR–EDITS Metafiles for more information.

What operating systems and hardware are required for NPCR–EDITS modules?

EditWriter 4 and GenEDITS Plus work with versions of Microsoft® Windows® 98 and later systems. Run-time binary metafiles compiled by EditWriter 4 (on Windows) are usable on other operating systems if you have a driver program written for your non-Windows operating system.

In what software programming language are the NPCR–EDITS modules written?

The code for the Edit Engine, EditWriter, and GenEDITS Plus is written in C++ and C.

Can I use metafiles created with versions of EditWriter prior to EditWriter 4?

Older metafiles can be imported, converted, manipulated, and recompiled as "version 4" metafiles. They will no longer be usable with the DOS-based text-mode EditWriter or the DOS-based text-mode GenEDITS, so be sure to save a backup copy of your metafile before converting.

Can I use metafiles prepared with the older version of EditWriter with GenEDITS Plus?

Yes. They should work without problems.

How do I install EditWriter 4?

Download the compressed (.zip) file and unzip it to a folder of your choice. Double-click the program's icon to begin using the program. Complete instructions for using EditWriter 4 are in the online help within the program.

How do I install GenEDITS Plus?

Download the setup file to your Windows desktop or another location of your choice. Double-click the program's icon to begin installation. If someone else is responsible for maintenance of your computer, you may not be able to install software. In this case, consult the maintainer of your computer for assistance. Instructions for using GenEDITS Plus are in the online help within the program. Click the Help button for a description of the functions and controls.