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CDC-Supported State Programs

CDC’s Arthritis Program History

CDC’s Arthritis Program, guided by recommendations in National Arthritis Action Plan: A Public Health Strategy (NAAP), has been funding Arthritis Programs at state health departments since 1999, with as many as 36 state health departments receiving CDC arthritis funding from 2003-2008.

In spring 2007, CDC convened national experts to review program activities and to provide advice on future program directions. The panel made several important recommendations. One of the central recommendations from the panel was to strengthen state programs by providing states with sufficient funds to expand evidence-based interventions to reach more to people with arthritis within funded states. In considering the advice of the expert review panel to increase the investment in funded states, CDC reduced the number of funded states to 12 from 2008-2011 and increased funding to an average of approximately $500,000. Five-year funding awarded in 2012 supports twelve states following the same model of increased investment for a concentrated number of states.

Focus of Funded State Programs

State arthritis programs have previously focused on building capacity to disseminate and deliver evidence-based interventions. The current five year funding opportunity, which began in July 2012, awarded 12 states an average funding of approximately $427,000 and builds on lessons learned from previous funding opportunity announcements with a continued emphasis on embedding arthritis interventions in existing systems to exponentially expand access to and use of these interventions. Lessons learned from the previous funding announcement are captured in the executive summary of that evaluation. Read the executive summary: Strategic Approaches to Expanding the Reach of Evidence- Based Interventions - [PDF - 354KB]

The central aim of state arthritis programs is to improve the quality of life among persons affected by arthritis. States use CDC funding to strengthen partnerships with other chronic disease programs, state Arthritis Foundation chapters/regions, and other partners, improve their ability to monitor the burden of arthritis, coordinate activities, increase states' work to increase awareness that something can be done to address the burden and impact of arthritis and to promote self-management education and physical activity.

CDC Funded State Arthritis Program Information

Program contacts and program descriptions are available for the 12 states that receive funding from CDC for a state arthritis program.