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Resource Kit Two

The Prevention IS Care provider resource kit #2 builds on the tools and resources contained in kit #1 and includes: Partner Services information for both the provider and patient, patient education materials on serodiscordant couples and myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS, patient referral resource guide, provider risk reduction strategies guide and more. All patient materials are offered in English and Spanish.

HIV Myths and Misconceptions - Patient Brochure

HIV myths and misconceptions thumbnailAddresses many myths and misconceptions patients may have about HIV/AIDS.

STD Intervention Tool Poster

std intervention tool poster thumbnailDemonstrates the effect an STD can have on a patient's viral load/CD4 count and overall health.

HIV Resources for Providers who Deliver Care to People Living with HIV

HIV provider resources thumbnailProvides a comprehensive selection of available resources for additional information on HIV/AIDS.

Kit Contents Brochure

HIV resource guide thumbnailThis brochure lists some of the key items from Kits #1 and #2 that can be ordered separately.

Provider Overview of Partner Services Recommendations

partner services thumbnailProvider brochure contains information on the importance of Partner Services and how the process works.

Partner Services Information - Patient Brochure

partner services information thumbnailOffers patient education on partner notification services provided by the health department.

Partner Services Referral Poster - Providers

partner services referral poster thumbnailOffers a place to keep local health department contact information so providers can help patients get in touch with their Partner Services representative

Risk Reduction Strategies for Health Care Providers

risk reduction strategies thumbnailAssists providers in determining transmission risks and delivering relevant prevention messages to patients.

Serodiscordant Couples

serodiscordant couples thumbnailDiscusses challenges serodiscordant couples may face and provides recommendations for ways infected patients can protect themselves and protect others.

HIV Prevention into the Medical Care of Persons Living with HIV

mmwr highlights poster"Recommendations for Incorporating HIV Prevention into the Medical Care of Persons with HIV Infection" MMWR Summary Card: Given providers' limited time, the card includes highlights of key information and provides an overview of the information found in the MMWR.

Protect Your Health Behavioral Screener

behavioral screener thumbnailThe behavioral screener provides suggested tips on talking with patients about behavioral risk factors for HIV and AIDS.