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Get Involved


Theresa (right) has been living with HIV since 1997.

The campaign in you!

A little help can go a long way! You can make a difference! Here are some easy tips, suggestions, and resources that you and your network can use to help prevent HIV.

Share Your Story

Together We Can Stop HIV!

Are you or someone you know affected by HIV? Are you working to fight it? Tell us your story! There are stories like those featured on this site from all around the country, and we want to read them! Submit your story and check back regularly for new postings.

Get the Facts

About HIV and AIDS and learn how to take steps to protect yourself and loved ones and prevent HIV. Then, share this life-saving information with others.

Get Tested

According to CDC, one in eight persons living with HIV doesn’t know that he or she has it. Getting an HIV test, knowing your HIV status, and encouraging your friends, family, and community to do the same are important steps in preventing the spread of HIV.

Support a Person Living With HIV/AIDS

When participants of this campaign were asked how friends, partners, coworkers, or people in their community can support people living with HIV or encourage others to stay HIV negative, their answers were always the same. Talk. Listen. Support.

  • Talk. Have open, honest conversations about staying safe and healthy.
  • Listen. Sometimes, having someone listen to the challenges people living with HIV face is just what is needed.
  • Support. Discuss any special needs and help provide support to meet those needs.

The Campaign in the Community

Volunteer in Your Community

Your help is needed! The first step to getting involved in HIV prevention is to contact your local AIDS service organizations and/or community health departments. These groups can help identify opportunities or other organizations that may need the support of volunteers. You can also visit the sites listed below to search HIV/AIDS-related volunteer opportunities for you, your family, and friends in your community.

Download Campaign Materials

See the Together Materials page for free, downloadable campaign materials to spread the word in your community and help raise awareness about the impact of HIV, the importance of HIV prevention and testing, the effects of stigma, and how we can work together to increase support for people living with HIV.

Host a Storytelling Event in Your Local Community

Working with your local health department or community-based organizations, invite people living with HIV and their supporters to join you for a “storytelling” event at a place like your local library. Have open discussions about how you are all supporting each other and working together to stop HIV.