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CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden

CDC director on Ebola crisis

Eight ways Ebola threatens the children of West Africa
Dr. Frieden
While visiting Macenta in rural Guinea, I saw a woman joyously bouncing a young child on her knees, making animated expressions and encouraging and entertaining the child. The woman was a survivor of Ebola, and the child had just been ruled out for the disease – even though her parents had both died from it. In the next tent, an infant was recovering from Ebola, being cared for by her own mother, an Ebola survivor.


CDC actively conducting contact tracing

The video describes contact tracing, a method used by CDC and partners to identify new Ebola cases quickly and isolate patients as soon as they show symptoms, preventing spread to others. The video demonstrates how even one missed contact can keep Ebola spreading and that careful tracing of contacts and isolating new cases can stop the outbreak.

Spotlight: CDC National Health Report

CDC National Health Report

CDC Priorities; Improve Health Security at Home and Around the World, Better Prevent the Leading Causes of Illness, Injury, Disability, and Death, and Strengthen Public Health–Healthcare Collaboration.