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Import Data into CoCASA

Support Documents for Importing

The CoCASA Import Specifications document will assist users that are interested in successfully importing data into CoCASA from a immunization information system, or registry; a patient management system; or similar database system.

Q&As on Importing

Q: Can I import data from a different version of CoCASA?

A: Versions of CoCASA 3.0 and above will allow import from any older versions (from 2.0 onwards). Data from newer versions can’t be imported back into older versions (e.g., data from v6.0 imported into v5.1 is not possible, but the reverse is).

Q: Will duplicates be created when you import data?

A: There should not be duplicate entries when you merge the data. The software will be set to merge using the VFC PIN# for the providers. As long as all users in a program use the same PIN for a provider, then the visit data will all be merged into one record for that provider. If different PIN numbers are used for the same clinic, then you will have duplicate entries that will need to be weeded out. This is why we are so adamant about unique PIN numbers for each provider site and that everyone use them consistently. If possible, populate all databases with the provider names/address and PIN numbers from the start so that differences are less likely to occur.

Q: How can our local import template be incorporated into CoCASA so that it is available when the software is downloaded from the web?

A: Specific instructions for this process are explained in the import specifications for CoCASA guide.

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