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2000 STD Prevention Conference - Table: Gonorrhea & Syphilis Rates by City, 1999


This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated.

Gonorrhea Rate by City

No.CityCasesRate per 100,000 Population
 1.Baltimore, Md.6,124948.6
 2.Richmond, Va.1,827940.9
 3.St. Louis, Mo.2,876847.6
 4.Rochester, N.Y.2,037846.6
 5.Atlanta, Ga.5,631761.6
 6.Washington, D.C.3,536675.9
 7.Detroit, Mich.7,900626.8
 8.Newark, N.J.1,741612.3
 9.Norfolk, Va.1,291599.9
10.Memphis, Tenn.5,038579.9
11.New Orleans, La.2,687577.2
12.Philadelphia, Penn.7,775541.3
13.Milwaukee, Wis.4,884535.7
14.Chicago, Ill.14,488486.4
15.Kansas City, Mo.1,956432.8
16.Minneapolis, Minn.1,558427.4
17.Jacksonville, Fla.2,981405.2
18.Buffalo, N.Y.1,233389.2
19.Birmingham, Ala.2,492377.8
20.Indianapolis, In.3,045374.4
Gonorrhea Rate per 100,000 for United States:133.2

Syphilis Rate by City

No.CityCasesRate per 100,000 Population
 1.Indianapolis, In.40750.0
 2.Nashville, Tenn.25046.8
 3.Baltimore, Md.24638.1
 4.Memphis, Tenn.25829.7
 5.Atlanta, Ga.21328.8
 6.Oklahoma City, Ok.11428.0
 7.Detroit, Mich.18915.0
 8.St. Louis, Mo.5115.0
 9.Tulsa, Ok.4511.8
10.New Orleans, La.5111.0
11.Louisville, Ky.6710.0
12.Chicago, Ill.2829.5
13.Norfolk, Va.209.3
14.Washington, D.C,458.6
15.Charlotte, N.C.538.4
16.Newark, N.J.227.7
17.Dallas, Texas1517.4
18.Phoenix, Az.1957.0
19.Richmond, Va.136.7
20.San Juan, P.R.615.8
Syphilis Rate per 100,000 for United States:2.5