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Division of Epidemiology, Analysis, and Library Services

Analytic Tools & Methods

The aim of the ATM Branch is to support and strengthen the applica­tion of public health sciences at CDC and with global, national, state, and local public health partners. In collaboration with these partners, the ATM Branch offers:

  • Customized epidemiological software (Epi Info™) to support data collection, management, and analysis for outbreak investigations, surveys, and surveillance;
  • Hosting the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) website, which provides county health status profiles for each of the 3,143 counties in the United States (excluding territories). CHSI is a unique resource for monitoring and analyzing community health status and determinants at the county level;
  • Analytic data management to coordinate access to health data sets (such as HCUP and CMS data), increase efficiency in processing data, and provide technical assistance on analysis of complex data;
  • Epidemiologic resources, population health indicator develop­ment, and guidance for community health assessment and improvement;
  • Opportunities for collaborative research and development of methods to assess the health and economic impact of public health programs and identify health disparities.