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Archival Content: 1999-2005

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Publication Name Inventory Number Quanity
Dear Colleague letters
HIV Prevention Bulletin: Medical Advice for Persons Who Inject Illicit Drugs (US Public Health Service, 1997)
HIV Prevention & Access to Sterile Syringes, Oct. 1999 (AMA, APhA, ASTHO, NASTAD, NABP)
Safe Community Disposal of Needles, August 2002 (AMA, APhA, ASTHO, Amer Diab Assn, NASTAD)

CDC AED Factsheets

Syringe Disinfection for Injection Drug Users
Desinfección de Jeringuillas Para Usuarios de Drogas Inyectables
Access to Sterile Syringes (a series of 5 fact sheets)
Acceso a Jeringuillas Esteriles (5 hojas informativas)
Physician Prescription of Sterile Syringes to Injection Drug Users
(1 factsheet)
Receta Medica Para Jeringuillas Esteriles Para Personas Que Usan Drogas (1 hoja informativa)
Drug Use, HIV, and the Criminal Justice System (a series of 8 fact sheets)
Substance Abuse Treatment for Injection Drug Users: A Strategy with Many Benefits (a series of 6 fact sheets)
Tratamieto de Abuso de Sustancias Para Los Usuarios de Drogas Inyectables
Viral Hepatitis and Injection Drug Users (a series of 5 fact sheets)
La Hepatitis Viral y Los Usuarios de Drogas Inyectables (5 hojas informativas)
Special Journal Supplements
Preventing Blood-borne Infections Through Pharmacy Syringe Sales and Safe Community Syringe Disposal. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Vol 42, No. 6, Suppl. 2: Nov/Dec 2002
HIV Prevention for Injection Drug Users. JAIDS, Vol 18, Suppl. 1, 1998
CDC AED Materials
New Attitudes and Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach (brochure)
Nuevas Actitudes & Estrategias: Metodo Integral (folleto)
A Comprehensive Approach: Preventing Blood-Borne Infections Among Injection Drug Users (42 page book)

If you wish to order additional material relevent to HIV/AIDS, STD, or TB Prevention, please visit our clearning house at the CDC National Prevention Information Network.

This CDC Web site is no longer being reviewed or updated and thus is no longer kept current. This site remains to assist researchers or others needing historical content.

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