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Estimates Childhood Arthritis

National and State Estimates of Childhood Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Conditions.

Childhood Arthritis affects 294,000 children under the age of 18. Require more than 827,000 healthcare visits per year. CDC's first-ever estimate of childhood arthritis-related diagnosis Low 500 (Wyoming), High 38,000 (California)

According to the Arthritis Foundation, juvenile arthritis (JA) refers to any form of arthritis or an arthritis-related condition that develops in children or teenagers who are less than 18 years of age. In 2007, CDC estimated that 294,000 U.S. children under age 18 (or 1 in 250 children) have been diagnosed with arthritis or other rheumatic conditions. In addition to providing national estimates, CDC also calculated prevalence estimates for each state. Childhood arthritis-related diagnoses range from a low of 500 children in Wyoming to a high of 38,000 children in California. In addition, children diagnosed with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions account for approximately 827,000 doctor visits each year, including an average of 83,000 emergency department room visits. Further information on the pediatric arthritis surveillance is available.

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis is the most common type of arthritis affecting children. Like adults, children can also get other rheumatic conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia and scleroderma. Pediatric rheumatologists are the specialists that diagnose and treat children with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. To find a rheumatologist, use the American College of Rheumatology Geographic Membership Directory.

Data Source:

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